Business Model Canvas And AIESEC Essay


1.Define BMC (Business Model Canvas) in general.
2.Introduce AIESEC and its history.


1.Business Model Canvas

Business Model canvas is one of the many strategic management templates that are integrated into new business models or existing business models (Gallay and Rubin 2015). The following element considers the value proposition of the product, the infrastructure of the business, the finance invested in the business and most importantly the customers of the business. The following model can be segmented into a number of different parts namely;

Customer Segments- A particular organization serves one or more consumer segments.

Value Propositions- The main aim of value proposition is to solve the problems of the customer and satisfy their different needs (Dudin et al. 2015)

Channels- Communication, sales channels and distribution are used as channels to deliver the different needs and choices of the customers of the organization

Customer Relationships- A proper and efficient customer relationship are established by means of proper communication

Revenue Streams- Revenue is generated by successfully solving the problems of the customers

Key Resources- Key resources are the elements that are needed to deliver the value propositions of the customers that the particular organization serves (Gallay and Rubin 2015)

Key Partnerships- The organization enters into different agreement to outsource some activities whereas some of the resources are acquired from within the enterprise itself

Cost Structure- The elements present within the business model are the key determinants of the cost structure.


AIESEC was formed in the year 1948 just after the Second World War ( The organization was formed as a result of the hard work of seven youths across seven different countries who dreamt of uniting the world with the exchange of cross cultural vows. They believed that change is a long term process and aimed to change one person at a given time through internships. The organization was able to establish itself in across 50 countries and deliver learning experiences to over 40,000 young youth. In the year 2010, the organization was able to achieve a staggering figure of 10,000 individual experiences across the world in just one year which was a record in itself. The main aim of the organization is to strive for peace that would help the human being (Zolnowski Wei? and Bohmann 2014)


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