Business Intelligence: Brand Perception Essay


Discuss about the Business Intelligence for Brand Perception.



Make It Work Inc. developed and implemented the business intelligence project as a strategy for evaluating its environment and determining issues that should be resolved and opportunities that should be leveraged to enhance the company’s growth. As the company’s operations expanded beyond Santa Barbara, the management sought to become the leading company in consumer digital technology service industry. This involved building a positive brand perception and enhancing the company’s appeal to the target consumers. Additionally, the company had to identify issues that may undermine its operations as well as opportunities emerging that could be tapped to expand the company’s services and build its customer base.

A business intelligence project could assist the company to track these key aspects that played an instrumental role in defining the company’s image. Through the project, the company could identify issues with its services by tracking various metrics such as customer complaints. This would be good key performance indicators (KPI) that show the company’s performance and illustrate factors affecting its operations. With the project, the company management could view performance metrics that indicated the level of customer satisfaction and other performance measures.

Besides tracking key performance indicators, a business intelligence project could enable the company to monitor performance stats, sales, and financial measures which were important in evaluating the financial performance of the company. Monitoring such metrics was important to the company as the management sought to continuously assess its performance and growth as it expanded to new markets to ensure that it had a healthy financial growth.

The company management aimed at determining issues that required quick remedial action to mitigate risks and their effects on the company operations. Collecting and analyzing customer complaints would be important in determining the quality of service offered by the company and the brand perception among the target consumers. With a business intelligence project, Make It work Inc. could monitor issues in real time and prioritize them to ensure that the critical ones were attended to eliminate the threat to brand image. This would be key in enabling the company to respond to such issues quickly.

Integrating business intelligence in company operations implied that the company could enhance its IT capabilities in making its businesses more flexible and improving its responsiveness to the dynamics associated with its environment. The management sought to implement the project to improve collaboration among its employees and make it possible for the company to act quickly on issues identified.


By implementing the business intelligence project, Make It Work has improved its operations and customer satisfaction. The project has enabled the company to gears its business processes towards the core competencies. That is, the company has made its business operations to be customer-centric which has been essential in satisfying customers. With the business intelligence project, the company has leveraged on the information obtained to enhance financial performance and increase customer satisfaction.

The business intelligence project has played an instrumental role in helping the company staff to identify and resolve issues. For example, the operators can identify a customer’s problem and connect them with specialists with skills relevant to the problem. This has improved task performance as some processes can be completed within minutes and service delivered as expected by clients. The project also enables the company to collect feedback from customers about service delivery. It can analyze the feedback and identify customer’s rating score which serves as a performance metric that is leveraged by the company to determine its performance.

Since the company collects a lot of data, business intelligence project has been essential in assessing this data and calculating key performance indicators that illustrate issues and customer satisfaction. The project has features that define thresholds. These thresholds trigger alerts such as emails and indicator’s color which allows managers to identify problems that may be occurring. By monitoring customer feedback, Make It Work can determine issues affecting service delivery and customer feedback. This allows the company to implement remedial action to enhance customer satisfaction by reducing chargeable service time and perform remedial actions for service considered to be unsatisfactory. This has improved the company’s capability in delivering a superb customer experience that maintains customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases. This has led to an increase in sales and revenue as the company retains most of its satisfied customers.

Business intelligence project has enabled the company to enhance collaboration in the company geared towards improving service delivery. Through the project, the company can keep the staff informed about various events related to the company operations and interact with them to ensure they meet the company expectations. Additionally, the project analyzes data in a customer database that enables the company to gain a deep insight into customer habits and other aspects related to customers that can be leveraged to improve service delivery or create new customer-oriented services that align with customer needs.

Make It Work has developed the capability to track and analyze sales data related to its service. The business intelligence project analyzes the data to indicate the company’s financial performance. This has enabled the company’s managers to identify operations incurring many costs and managing them on time to reduce operation costs and maintain the financial viability of the company’s operations. As part of the information systems, the business intelligence project has played an instrumental role in integrating business processes and facilitating data analysis which has allowed the company to identify and resolve issues with negative implications on its operations. Additionally, the managers have become more responsive to the company operations as they can quickly prioritize and address issues affecting service delivery.

Through the business intelligence project, Make It Work has delivered the quality customer experience that gives it a competitive advantage over its rivals. The project has resulted in an increased company growth in sales and customers. It has improved the quality of technical service offered to the customers which has enabled the company to gain recognition in its industry and forge valuable relationships with companies such as Verizon Communications and Apple. Its quality service has allowed the company to develop premium packages and gain more loyal customers.

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