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When you finally gather up the courage to leave your 9 to 5 job and pursue an opportunity to start your own business, you’ll run into the challenge of coming up with a good idea. Even if you’re past that stage and are looking for a business idea that can expand your venture, you have limited options to consider.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that there aren’t trends that you can creatively leverage for a great business idea. Each year, Facebook releases an IQ Topics and Trends Report that allows businesses to form a new strategy for the upcoming year based on previous trends. So, here’s what the 2019 report says.

Beauty and Fashion

Considering making strides in the beauty or fashion industry? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Prints are Making a Comeback

If you thought muted tones and monochromatic fashion are taking over, think again. Despite minimalism being the biggest trend in the last few years, prints are now making a comeback. Whether you have a taste for tropical themes, animal patterns, or a bit of both, you can mix and match as you’d like, and express your individual identity.

Green and Clean Beauty

It doesn’t matter if it goes in or on your body, the product needs to be clean; at least, that’s the main principle used to determine whether a beauty product is worth it. Consumers are using skincare products made only using natural ingredients and stored in safe packaging.


Seeking to expand into the marketing sphere or developing your own solutions? Here are the biggest commerce trends that are expected to gain traction.

Selling Influence

Influencers are gaining quite the social standing nowadays, mainly thanks to social media platforms that are now mega centers for advertising as well. Brands are hiring influencers to promote their brand with genuine content like selfies, streams, and videos.

Introducing Eco-Products for Everyday

With the growing discussion surrounding global warming, consumers are growing aware of the threat everyday plastic-based items pose to nature. Hence, many people are taking effective steps to reduce their use of plastic and follow a sustainable lifestyle. Users are now searching for reusable metal straws, eco-friendly versions of daily items like insulation, and processes like carbon dioxide removal.


Wondering what people are up to nowadays in terms of entertainment? Well, here’s your answer: technology is innovating new ways to maximize an entertainment experience.

High Quality Sound in Smart Speakers

Entering the age of IoT-connected home appliances and technology, homeowners want to reduce the clutter and downsize from a full home theater system to smart speakers that can do it all. This is encouraging tech companies to add high quality components to smart speakers that accompany home assistants, like the Amazon Alexa.

Tech-influenced Diversions

Before digitization, escapism was limited to a few good books and cruising along the highway to clear your head. Thanks to advancements like VR and concepts such as ASMR, technology is driving new creative diversions that retain emotional resonance to a certain extent. These allow enthusiasts to distract themselves from work, school, or home-related issues.

Food and Drink

From rainbow bagels to edible balloons, most food trends come and go, but few are here to stay.

Adding Better Alternatives to Soul Foods

In a day and age where people like taking pictures of their food before taking a bite, consumers are focused on enjoying the flavor of foods. At the same time, however, more people are striving to make healthier eating choices with regard to their meals.

Hence, food lovers are trying to make healthy replacements in traditional soul food recipes by swapping out ingredients. In this trend, the most popular is switching up the recipe for pork and beans by adding smoked turkey, or vegan ingredients like jackfruit instead of fatty meats.

Mind and Body

Want to make it your job to help people get rid of the stress they get from theirs? Try developing a wellness approach with this inspiration.

Wellness Products and Services

Despite 40-hour work weeks becoming more and more exhausting, employees are making wellness routines a part of their lives. More users are engaging in discussions about intermittent fasting, detox treatments, and self-care regimens that can help in improving vitality and energy levels.

Science and Technology

In the field of tech and science, discussions are never-ending, but a few trends always manage to stand out. Knowing what the report refers to can help you develop creative product or service strategies for your tech business.

Looking at the Digital Process in Depth

Video games garnered a massive following, but these aficionados don’t just play them but are deeply interested in the making process and all the work that goes on behind the scenes. In addition, while some may not share a similar enthusiasm for gaming, many people enjoy watching pro-gamers play in real-time, such as through streaming sites like Twitch.

Travel and Leisure

Are you based in a popular tourist spot, or are you figuring out ways to make your location more enjoyable for locals? Well, the report has plenty to offer.

Being Active in Urban Settings

It seems like the latest trend involves taking fitness beyond the gym and out to streets. Cities are making an effort to introduce new green spaces that allow people to get out and enjoy an active lifestyle. Not only are outdoor activities more amusing, but they’re accessible and affordable compared to working out at a gym. More users are looking up information on rail trails, playgrounds, and even parkour.

Easily Access New Adventures

No matter where you live, there’s always a way to get closer to nature and access a new adventure. In 2018, more people looked up accessible adventures that wouldn’t break the bank, but still give them plenty of amazing pictures and a great story to tell. Hence, trends like zip lines, ferrata, and things like glamping are gaining plenty of momentum.

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