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The most interesting thing in the study’s literature review section is the premise that there are organizations that encourage whistle-blowing. According to Lee and Fargher, when organizations are supportive of whistle-blowing, the act is less costly, and employees are more willing to report misconduct (169). This stance is interesting because it is rare to find organizations that encourage whistle-blowing. One of the key reasons why most organizations suppress whistle-blowing is due to its detriments on organization’s image. The modern society is highly sensitive to misconducts in organizations. As such, whistle-blowing can adversely affect the sales of an organization’s products or its acceptance in the society. Besides, whistle-blowing can be detrimental to the relationship between employees. Consequently, most employees prefer to keep quiet on the ongoing misconducts in the workplaces to maintain healthy relationships with their co-workers despite their organizations supporting pro-social cultures. In this respect, whistle-blowing depends more on an individual’s attributes than the organization’s environment.

The findings of this study are highly important since they insist on the importance of creating an ethical working environment. Specifically, the finding on the role of internal environment in supporting whistleblowing confirms that organizational culture is instrumental in promoting work ethics. Besides, whistle-blowing shields organizations from financial losses emanating from fraudulent acts (Lee and Fargher 167). Consequently, the findings of this study can be utilized as a motivator to encourage organizations to establish high-quality audit committees to encourage whistle-blowing. Moreover, these finding can be used to educate corporate managers on the effects of organizational culture on employees’ ethics.

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