Business Ethics: Faulty Construction Essay


Discuss about the Business Ethics for Faulty Construction.


X has designed and built a big skyscraper. A student has identified a serious fault in the design that strong wind is capable of toppling the building that has caused the concern.
The owners and thousands of occupants of the building are likely to affect severely.
There are many consequences that the falling of the building can bring. Thousands of occupants will get killed. The building owners will face severe financial loss. The career and reputation of Dr. Ex would get badly affected and above that he might has to face civil lawsuits and imprisonment.
The death of several innocent inhabitants will counted as murders only and Dr. X is responsible for that. There are many laws related to punishment for committing murder in such scenarios which could be applied for him (Sweet, Schneier and Wentz 2014). He will also be accused of breaching the business ethics for designing such faulty structure without considering public safety with great importance (Vardaro 2013).
X can identify the exact problems and then approach to the owners with necessary actions for fixing the flaws. There will be consequences that he might have to face because of his this action. The owners will get to know about the faults and the possible financial challenges they have to face. Dr. X’s reputation will be hampered as well.
X should inform the owners and authority so that maximum protection can be taken in order to prevent the severe consequences. He must value the business ethics with utmost priority that can save the damage in his career (Carroll and Buchholtz 2014). He must evaluate his design in order to identify the initial cause of such error, so that this does not get repeated. The owners have to acknowledge the errors and invest money to eliminate the errors.


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