Business Ethics And Sustainability Management Essay


1. What were my assumptions about the ethics and morality before coming to this course?
2. Have these changed and why?
3. What were my assumptions about the nature and purpose of business activity?



Before I joined to this course, I don't have a brief idea about the ethics as well as the morality that are highly important in respect to business ethics and sustainability. I was unable to figure out the major aspects related to the morals and the ethics that are the basic necessity for the sustainable development of any business organizations. Therefore, I assumed that, basic nature, attitude as well as the behavior of the workers and the employees are the major aspect for maintaining the organizational ethics and morals.


Yes, my assumptions are changed after joining this course. Now, I can understand that, the ethics are referred along with the better worth seeking in the everyday life as well as the rules related to the human behavior and social interaction is also needed for maintaining the organizational ethics in a cohesive manner as it is opined by Weiss, (2014). It is necessary to mention that, the business ethics are dived into three highly significant segments, those are: Descriptive Ethics, Meta-Ethics as well as Normative Ethics.

On the other hand, I realized that, morality is actually referred to the standards that are able to treat any individuals or working for teams as they are right or wrong with their activities within the workplace of any business organization. It is necessary to mention that, few significant characteristics are there that are able to satisfy the organizational morals. Those are:

  • Morales should have to be included with emotions as well as vocabulary as commented by Heath, (2014).
  • Organizational morals have to be established by the human judgment not by legislations as well as should have to be based on impartial considerations.


As per my thought, I assumed that the major nature as well the purpose of the business activity is to extend the business growth by keeping the customers happy. In addition, I also thought that the nature of the business activity is to just tens to the productivity as well as the creating positive within the market. On the other hand, the major purpose of the business activity is to satisfy the consumers by the better quality of the services as well as products. It is necessary to mention that, I don’t have a brief idea about the business ethics and this is the main reason for my confusion about to the serious issues that are faced by various business organizations. Apart from that, I assumed that only the business personnel are able to enhance the entire business organization towards the peak of success.

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