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Patties Foods Ltd, the company, had started its operation long back in 1966 with the small cake shop at Lakes Entrance by Peter and Annie Rijs, who were migrated from Netherlands. The company has its head quarter at Bairnsdale in Victoria, Australia. Initially the company was with the legal status of ownership firm under the proprietorship of Rijs Family, which had been converted to the limited company since 2006. The conventional concept of products are being continued by the Rijs while the introduction of several other frozen products in the forms of Pies and bread rolls provided the required level of variety in the product range which the people had sought for. During the course of time the turnover and the business of the company is inflated with the company increased its distribution in other cities of Australia with the ultimate objective of entering into the export business through its entry in New Zealand in 1995. Since 1996 the company had extended its product range with the prioritization on the pastry segment and so they had sold their bread unit to Sunicrust in 1996. As a part of their expansion and consolidation program, the company had invested 2 million AUD in 1998 for renovation of plant with extension with the installation of a spiral freezer. The company had started a parallel line of production in 2000 which was capable of producing pastries, sausage rolls and finger foods to add in the variety of savories the company is specialized in. The company has a long history of acquisition which was evidently found by acquiring of iconic brands of Australia in the specific segment like Four’n Twenty , Herbart Adams and Nanna’s which were being acquired from the US MNC Simpleton and the company is more equipped with the variety of products to be served to the community of Australia. As a result of their constant endeavor to prove their ability of being a market leader, the company was awarded with the prestigious Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame and Gippsland Business Awards Hall of Fame. The company has crossed the remarkable landmark of golden jubilee year celebration in 2016 and with the strong leadership of the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Steven Chaur with his team will leave no stones unturned to make the company run its business in the future with ensured sustainability and through the path of excellence (Week, 2016).

Statement of financial position

A-Balance sheet items

Analysis of Balance Sheet- Patties Foods Ltd

period - f Y 2014 and 2015





in $'000

in $'000

Total Current Assets




Total Non-Current Assets




Total Assets




Total Current Liabilities




Total Non-Current Liabilities




Total Liabilities




Net Assets




Total Equity




The above working shows the comparative analytical statement of balance items of Patties Foods Ltd for the financial year of 2014 and 2015.

The respective chart will be found in Appendix as Chart 1

The observations are as follows:

Total current assets had been increased in macro level with 12% growth

Total non-current assets had been decreased by 5% de-growth

Total assets of the company is increased with 2% growth

Total current liabilities is decreased by 11% de-growth

Total non-current liabilities is increased by 17% growth

Total net assets (assets over liabilities) is decreased by 2% de-growth

Total Stock Holders’ Equity is decreased by 2% de-growth

The comment on the comparative financial statement is being appended below as inference drawn based on above analysis and respective observations of balance sheet items of Patties Foods Ltd for the FY 2014 and 2015 are as follows:

The micro analysis with item-wise instruments showed that out of the current assets, cash and cash equivalent had increased substantially. Other items like receivables and inventories increased in standard norms considering the growth and stability of the business. Derivatives financial instruments held by the company in 2015 with the amount of $67,000 is for securing the future interest the company has to pay against its loans which is part of financial risk management of the company(Ft, 2016).

The micro analysis of item-wise non-current assets featured that the property and investment had shown increase but there is a decrease of intangible assets by the management of the company which is instrument for overall de-growth of 2%.

The total assets had been found with 2% growth as a result of the accumulated effect of current and non-current assets.

The micro analysis of current liabilities had shown substantial de-growth in the items of payables, borrowings, derivative financial instruments, current tax liability, with the increase of provisions for unaccountable liabilities. The overall impact showed 11% de-growth which is a good sign towards sustainability of the company.

The micro analysis of non-current or long term liabilities had shown 17% growth which is consisting of items like borrowings, deferred tax liabilities, derivative financial statements, and provisions. Out of these, only provisions had de-growth while the other items had been observed as growth(CapitalCube, 2016).

Total liabilities had shown 7% growth which is healthy so far the organization for the future of the business considering the planned expansion in pipe-line.

The Net Assets (assets over liabilities) had been decreased by 2%.

The total equity had found 2% de-growth. The ingredients of equity are consisting of contributed equity which is shareholders’ equity, reserves and retained earning. While the shareholder’s equity and reserves had showed the increment, the decrement had been found in case of retained earnings.

Stockholders’ equity

Analysis of Stockholder's Equity- Patties Foods Ltd

Period - F Y 2014 and 2015





in $'000

in $'000

contributed equity








Retained Earnings








As per the figures shown in the financial report of Patties Foods Ltd. Refer to stockholders’ equity which are consisting of three items- contributed equity, reserves and retained earnings, the observations are as follows:

The contributed equity had been raised from 68658 to 68697 with marginal growth or no growth (<1%). This is due to the issues related to employees’ share schemes.

The reserves with -894 were reduced to -583 with drastic decreased of 35%.

Retained earnings had come down from 69356 to 65748 with a moderate decrease of 5%

The inferences related to stockholders’ equity are as follows:

The contributed equity had been raised with below 1% growth. During this period the company had not issued any new stock in the ASX. The minor increase is due to the issues of employees’ share scheme as the company encourages the incentive plan for the employees with share issue for their achievements. The risk management of the company towards it capital is run with the objectives of safeguarding the risk to the stakeholders by providing the return to them and to minimize the cost of capital, the company tries to use the optimum level of utility from the accumulated capital(ASX, 2016).

Reserves of the company, as per the shareholders’ equity are consisting of hedging reserve and share based payment reserves. Hedging reserve is being generated from reserve of cash flow and reserves raised from share based payment reserves. The movements of hedging reserves are dictated by the items of cash flow hedges with the features of revaluation and deferred tax items. For the share- based payment reserves, the item of option expenses/gain is being considered as one factor for determination of the same.

Retained earnings for the period are being dictated by the factor of profit for last year acquisition of associates and dividends. The composite effect of all these factors derives the balance as of 2014 and 2015.

Stockholders’ equity Account Balances and number of outstanding shares- a comparison for the FY 2014 and 2015:

Analysis of Stockholders' equity balance in No.s - Patties Foods Ltd

Period - F Y 2014 and 2015





In no.s

in no.s

Balance of equity share in No.s




Chart No. 2A

Analysis of Stockholders' equity balance in No.s - Patties Foods Ltd

Period - F Y 2014 and 2015





in $'000

in $'000

Balance of Equity Share in Value




Statement of Profit and Loss

To review the income statement of Patties Foods Ltd for the financial year 2014 and 2015 the following analysis had been made with the figures taken from financial report of the company for the two financial years and with analysis of variance of current year in respect of last year. The respective chart is enclosed in the appendix as chart 3.

Analysis of Income Statement- Patties Foods Ltd

Period - F Y 2014 and 2015





in $'000

in $'000

Total Revenue




cost of goods sold




total expenses




non-operating gains or losses




in cent

in cent

earnings per common share




After going through the income statement of the company for last two financial years, the following observations are found which are being discussed head-wise:

Total revenue of the company( including the income from sales of goods, other revenue from ordinary activities and other income had been increased by 4% compared to last year.

Cost of goods sold or the cost of raw materials had been increased from last year to the tune of 7%.

Total expenses of the company including fixed and variable overheads are increased by 19%.

Non operating gains or losses are with 139% variance compared to last year.

The earning per common share is same as it was last year and not featuring any type of variance(Capitalcube, 2016).

The comment on the comparative financial statement is being appended below as inference drawn based on above analysis and respective observations:

The total revenue has three components- sales revenue, other revenue from ordinary activities and other income. While the increment is found in the sales revenue, two other heads have no such significant increment compared to last year.

Cost of goods sold or the cost of raw materials had substantial increase compared to last year with the %age of 7. This may have happened due to production increase in volume which gives the scope to the company to have higher sales revenue this year than last year.

Total overhead expenses of the company including fixed and variable costs have increased by 19% which may be also due to more production and inflation factor prevailing globally with the effect in the current year.

Non operating gains or losses had been featured in the financial report for both years and termed as other comprehensive income. The elements featured as other comprehensive income is cash flow hedges and income tax related to that income.

The declared dividend for common share is kept at 1.50 cent like last year only and there is no change in declaring that amount.

Statement of cash flow

To analyze cash flow statement of Patties Foods Ltd. The different factors related to cash inflow and outflow from different sources to the company with ultimate cash accumulation at the end of both financial years of 2014 and 2015 to be forwarded in next year as balance. Cash flow analysis is the livewire of any company which ensures the cash liquidity of any company. The main inflow for cash comes from different sources like receivables, other sources in the form of different income to the company is featured. The outflow is consisting of different heads through which different expenses and capital expenditure is ensured(Finance, 2016). Given below the analysis of cash inflow and outflow in consolidated manner to find out the financial health of Patties Foods Ltd.:

Analysis of cash flow statement - Patties Foods Ltd

Period - F Y 2014 and 2015





in $ '000

in $ '000

Net Cash Inflow(decrease) from operating activities




Net Cash Inflow(decrease) from financing activities




Net Cash Inflow ( decrease) from investing activities




Net increase( decrease) in cash flow




The related chart is attached in the appendix as chart 4.

The observations of cash flow statement are appended below:

To project cash flow of the company in respect of inflow or outflow, main components considered are cash and cash equivalents including cash in hand and different investments in the form of deposits with different financial institutions which are easily convertible with the nature of high liquidity and the cash inflow or outflow from the different activities which can generate cash.

The figures shown in net cash inflow from operating activities which is mainly consisting of the sales and subsequent recovery from sales is positive for both the year but the inflow amount of 2015 is reduced from that of 2014 with the negative variance of 77%. This figure also shows that the receivables are managed well and not getting piled up as slow recoverable.

Net cash inflow from investing activities is consisting of items like receiving funds from different financial activities like dividend and interest received, proceeds for sale of property, plant and equipments during the period, while the cash outflow is mainly done for the purpose of procurement of property, plant and equipment, payments for intangibles, acquisition of controlled associates. The variance showed negative impact with 147%(Morningstar, 2016).

Net cash inflow from financing activities of the company is related to issuance of share and other equity securities, proceeds from borrowings which are contributing towards inflow of funds while the outflow is generated from repayment of borrowing and payment of dividend to shareholders.

Net increase in cash flow is made from the retrospective effect of the above three elements and with the impact of opening balance of the financial year 2014 and 2015 which is accumulated as the closing balance of cash for the respective year ending.

The overall review and subsequent comment are given above which shows that the company is comfortably placed on cash flow from operating activities, financial activities, and net increase in cash flow, where as cash flow from investing activities is not up to the mark(Morningstar, 2016).


The above article is based on the authorized financial reports of Patties Foods Ltd. for 2014 and 2015. The main emphasis had been given in this article on the balance sheet, income statement, equity holding and cash flow with proper analysis. The company is found stable with the performance as financial reports reveal. There is no such threat found and the analysis had been done for the purpose of giving proper feedback to enable the management concentrating in the areas of probable development with the standard business should be run with efficiency and professionalism.


The recommendation coming out of the analysis is likely to emphasize on the selection of products to enhance the level of sales of the company. The operating expenses should be taken proper care so that pilferage should not occur. The company is passing through stable time and this is the right time for the company to look for diversification in the domain of other food products like beverages. The standard infrastructure possessed by the company encourages for further expansion and development and the company will do so for the sustainability of the company.


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