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Initial reaction

After investigating my top five strengths, which are “Relator”, “Individualism”, “Consistency”, “Harmony” and “Positivity” I am able to understand my approach for Leading A Group Or Performing as a group. After accumulating all the strengths of mine, I have realized that I am communicative while achieving a set of objective while performing as a team. Apart from that, figuring out people’s needs and requirements is another talent of mine, which I came to know after assessing the self-evaluation result. Moreover, I am satisfied with the entire result and the result is quite similar with my assumption regarding my traits. Some of the strength of mine is beyond my expectation. As per the self-evaluation result, consistency is one of my strength, which means that I avoid discrimination while setting up policies and procedures. However, I did not have face any situation before where I am the responsible person for setting up some rules and regulations for other. Even though, I think the other strengths of mine are influencing me to maintain equal opportunity while managing a group of people.

Top five strengths and leadership style

As per the result of my self-evaluation, the top five strengths of mine are influencing me to be a communicative and hard working leader. Apart from that, reducing conflict within a group of people, reducing discrimination practices and motivating people with positivity is my major concern while managing people. Therefore, it can be said that, my leadership style is transformational. Following are the five strengths and its relation with my leadership style.

Relator: This strength allows me to build strong relationship with my group members while performing for a set of objectives. This behavior of a leader helps in implementing a communicative approach while managing a team. Apart from that, it also helps in increasing employee engagement towards the organizational vision and mission.

Individualism: Identifying the ability of each individual of a team is required for segregating the workforce. It helps the leader in allocating job role as per the ability and efficiency level of the workforce. Reducing unnecessary work pressure is the major goal of a transformational leader. Therefore, individualism strength of mine is enabling me to influence the workforce for achieving organizational objectives.

Consistency: A good leader always provides equal opportunity to the every individual within the team. Consistency strength is enabling me to reduce discrimination practices among the organization while providing appraisal and recognition.

Harmony: Reducing conflicts within the organization is the major key factor for improving decision-making process. A transformational leader always takes innovative ideas from the employees and reconciles their different for making the final decision. In my leadership style, I believe in giving effective judgment for reducing conflicts within the employees’ viewpoint.

Positivity: This strength helps me to motivate the workforce with positivity for achieving the overall organization goal. Moreover, as I am a transformational leader, this strength influences me to implement effective motivational tools for empowering performance quality of the workforce.

Key function as a leader

As a manager, I should consider maintaining good practices within the organization. The strengths identified in personal assessment that are stating that I will be able to build a friendly relationship with the workforce for extracting their maximum effort. The key function I need to perform is to influence my followers to maintain good relationship with the team members for achieving the overall objectives.

Development on leadership trait

The leadership traits, which I have, are effective to achieve a set of objectives in certain organizational situation. However, I think there is one drawback of my leadership trait and therefore, that needs improvement for being a good leader. Following is the trait, which needs improvement for managing a workforce effectively.

Communication: As I believe that building friendly relationship with the workforce is beneficial, it can negatively affect my decision-making process. It is possible that some employees can take advantage of my modest behavior for implementing their decision as the final decision. It will bring high chance of conflict between the employees and will create barriers while achieving objectives. I should improve this trait by being strict at some point of time for establishing my decision.

Different between required leadership trait and strengths

The above-mentioned trait, which I need to develop for being a good leader, is differing from by strength. My straight is to build friendly relationship with people for which people trust me in their personal decision-making. However, in case of organizational context, this strength can be a weakness of mine. In order to be a good manager, I should impose some decision to the workforce for performing sudden changes. The modest behavior of mice can create barrier to perform such activity.

Strengths required in future career

In my future career, I need to develop realistic objectives for achieving successful outcome. In order to do so, I need to capitalize by strength of positivity for creating a clear vision of my future career. Being high expectation regarding career objectives can disappoint me, which is not expected at all. Therefore, setting up a realistic goals and performing for those goals with positive energy is the most effective way to be successful in future.

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