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In the overall business history, the joint venture of Caltex Petroleum is recognized as one of the major and most flourishing business accord. The venture took place in 1936 as a combination of two entities i.e. Texaco, Inc. and Chevron Corporation. The company deals in oil and gas sector. It markets an extensive range of convenience and petroleum products. It holds around 526 terminals and ocean depots, two lubricant refineries, six grease plants and 14 fuel refineries. In around twenty two countries the company supplies its services at 103 saltwater ports and 38 airports by offering the finest fueling services. The company holds thousand of gas stations and branded retail channels. Caltex has developed its significant presence in countries like the Middle East, China, East Asia, South Africa and East Africa. It is one and the only petroleum company which has business in all the primary Asian markets. The company possesses a workforce of around 3700 employees who own trained skills and efficient working competencies. The headquarters of the company are situated in Sydney.

Overview of the business industry

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The gas and oil industry of Australia is one of the major contributors to the country’s economy, in which particularly the gas and coal plays a significant part. Australia itself is a net importer of oil, in the OECD i.e. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Australia is one of the three nations which export hydrocarbon. As per the KPMG, the energy, gas and oil are the prominent contributors for the development of the Australian economy. And this is the reason for which the country is investing heavily in this sector from last few decades and will going to continue with the same as the demand for the energy is increasing with the increase in the population. However the oil and gas industry is the vital asset for the country as there are present several unexploited and unexplored gas and oil reserves in the country (Michael Bailey Associates, 2015).

Characteristics of the industry

The oil and gas industry of Australia holds number of strengths as its characteristics such as innovation, the Australian gas and oil companies are recognized revolutionary innovations which comprises of floating production systems, expertise engineering capabilities. Secondly the characteristic the industry possesses is environment controls, remote and safety operations, the Australian oil and gas industry holds excellence in the research and developments sector and through this it provides several updated technologies and new solutions in its working. This gives the industry long term sustainability as an outcome (Austrade, n.d.).

Organizational performance

Caltex financial results depict its business performance in an adequate way. For the year 2015, the company has attained an after tax revenue or profit of $522 million on a statutory as well as includes revenue on significant items of around $29 million after tax. As compared with the last year, the sales volume of 2015 was lesser by 5% which reflects the extremely competitive business markets (Caltex, 2016).

Communication Management

For energizing the employee communications at the workplace, the company takes use of online tools. For having better communication, Caltex retired its email solution of Lotus Notes and modify its mailboxes to the Microsoft Exchange Online from the Lotus notes. This helps the company in attaining a flexible contribution of the email services developed in data centers of Microsoft. Through this the employees can take benefit of browser-based admittance to the email through the use of Microsoft Outlook Web Access and can also utilize the well-known Microsoft Outlook messaging. The online tools provide various benefits such as simplified transition, reduced IT costs, empowering of the IT department, increased employee satisfaction and improved mobility and productivity (Kloud, n.d.)

The communication of Caltex with the investors is an open communication. The company offers investors with admittance of information so that there can be adequate and informed assessment of the company’s future prospects and performance. The company offers the investors with timely and equal access to the information which is price sensitive as well as incorporates practices which can help in preventing the discriminatory disclosure of considerably price sensitive information and thus treat all the investors on a fair and equal basis. The company uses various electronic means for effectively communicating with the investors such as it take use of facsimile, mail, investor meetings, briefings, presentations, site visits, telephone, conference calls, webcast, email, website as well as the company maintains an enthusiastic investor relations resource for having an efficient two-way communication with all the investors (Caltex Australia Limited, 2014)

The efficiency of the organization can be seen as the company has received the Merit Award for its effective communication management. The company is at a higher hand in fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities. The communication with customers can be seen through these CSR activities. Caltex has achieved facilitation for its programs for CSR. The company has won Silver Award in Avil for the year 2015and has also attained 5th Amcham CSR Excellence Award in the education category (SwirlingOverCoffee, 2016). This is how the company developed finest communication practices with the customers.

Public perception of the Organization

The public perception of Caltex is analyzed as strong enough as the company takes various initiatives on a continuous basis to provide the community a better place to work and live. The beliefs and core values are also very robust as the company highly takes care of the employees regarding their health and safety at the workplace and sites. Provide additional training to perform adequately with proper fitness and taking uses of the tools. The company also provides diversity in the work and a great commitment towards inclusion. Caltex strongly oppose any kind of activity related to bullying, harassment and discrimination at the workplace (Caltex, 2016). There are initiatives of the company which provides additional benefits to the women so that they can work effectively by managing their other responsibilities too (Womensagenda, 2016).


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