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Describe about the business analysis project.



In this given topic, the company is trying to improve the efficiency of its staffs and employees by improving their capabilities of their implemented process model within the organization. They also intend to improve their online collaboration for this they have selected two models which are Enterprise architecture and Microsoft Visio.


The two models selected by the company are described below:-

Enterprise Architecture

It is a tool with an exceptional capability of performing high-end tasks and manages information from various sources and according to their priority. It has special features by which it can manage information in this complex environment as per the demand. It offers the company and its teams to control models with high-end features at affordable prices ( 2016). Enterprise Architecture has a very good record of accomplishment in many industries all over the world in almost 165 countries. For almost more than 10 years it has continuously enhanced and developed new models to persuade the rising needs of the business analysts, program developers, enterprise architecture, project managers and many others. Based on the given standards it has the capability to develop models to meet the demand of single users as well as for multiple users. It can also deliver solutions based cloud distribution.

The various features of are as follows:

  • High end modeling – It provides an analyses of the full value derived during life cycle of system such as information technology system and its application in business, System and software engineering and real time development of the system ( 2016).
  • Stability, efficiency, speed, accuracy and performance - Enterprise Architecture has high speed in performing tasks with adequate efficiency and accuracy. Its performance level is all very satisfactory has its maintains a proper stability level ( 2016).
  • Simulation of business – It also verifies the correctness of the various behavioral models to understand the working of a business system by using various triggers to execute the controls of the simulators ( 2016).
  • Traceability - Enterprise Architecture also has the capability to trace various errors found during the development of system models and also during its performance. It performs verification and validation of the different phases of life cycle of system to find out whether there is any backlog in the system or not ( 2016).
  • Manage, model and trace requirement – It manages the prerequisite to design and develop a new system according to the hierarchical need of the management. It also account for the requirement based on the search and perform analysis of the projected changes according to the requirement ( 2016).
  • Complexity management - Enterprise Architecture helps group and individual to model complex problems and information by connecting different ranges of structural information. It provides diagram based on various reusable models with the help of which strategies can be made by the top management of the company ( 2016).
  • Document generation – It helps in generation of the powerful document, which helps the editor in reporting the subject matter with the help of various reporting tools. It gives a easy distribution of data and information through internet and intranet ( 2016).
  • Reverse engineering and generation of source code – The source code, which is in-built, helps in navigating the model directly within the existing environment and customize the source code generated according to the need of the company ( 2016).
  • Application Visualization – It provides a comparative study of the various software-programming languages by applying reverse engineering.
  • Advanced model with high-end architecture - Enterprise Architecture helps in developing superior models with high-end features for supporting the organizational needs. It can very quickly process a detailed explanation from conceptual models ( 2016).
  • This software is much cheaper as compared with Microsoft Visio and is also very fast in processing data. It has a high degree of efficiency but need very skilled personnel o use this kind of software. It is more appropriate for companies which operates at large scale has performs several projects at the same time rather than small scale company ( 2016).

Microsoft Visio

It is software that simplifies the complex information, which is linked with data and diagram and can be created with a few clicks. It includes flowchart and mind maps to summarize. Various features of Microsoft Visio are as follows:

  • Quickly creating professional diagram - Microsoft Visio has the capability of creating professional diagrams very quickly which has a high productivity and efficiency ( 2016). It has the competence to develop highly customized diagrams, which look professional.
  • Bringing life diagrams with the capability of data linkage – It has the capability to bring life to the design of the models prepared with the help of diagram. Using graphs and icons can improve the visualization of complicated information. Taking helps of excel table and pie charts can enhance the performance of the designed models which will be available to the users with one single click ( 2016).
  • Communicating truth visually – It provides communication with the help of flow chart and various diagrams. It takes help of maps, IT architecture, power point presentation and other floor plans within the enterprise through a web browser ( 2016). It facilitates working along with the viewing reviewers comment and also reduce the chances of data loss.
  • Strategic planning – It helps the top management in decision making to increase the efficiency of the performance of their employees along with achieving the company goals and objectives. It promotes program development with minimum rework and error during the design and development phase ( 2016).
  • It has the capability of multitasking that means it can process two tasks at the same time efficiently and effectively. It links complex business information to provide diagram and flow chats very easily in a simple way by using smart shapes ( 2016).
  • This software is a bit costly as compared to the Enterprise architecture. Also it needs high scale of knowledge, skill and expertise to design, develop and use this software. Its success is dependent on the acceptation of the client with whom company share information ( 2016).

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