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V.A.R and/or Video Assistant Referee is a technology which is used to prevent referees from making wrong decisions and or correcting potential mistakes, it is currently used in various sports and competitions including American football, Rugby union, Tennis, cricket it is also used in football in various leagues and or competitions including, THE F.A Cup, The champions league, Eredivisie, MLS, Bundesliga, Serie-A, La-Liga

What it will be used for

V.A.R however will not be used in all decisions in football it will only be used in a select

Few such as:

• Penalty decisions (some other types of fouls cannot be reviewed by V.A.R)

• Direct red card decisions exclusively even though they have the same effect of sending a player off second yellow cards are not reviewable

• Mistaking players in the when handing them cards Gibbs and Chamberlin when one of them received a red card due to a hand ball that the other player made to prevent Chelsea

Reasons for The introduction of V.A.R

Some people state that V.A.R should be introduced as it makes sure that teams don’t get an unfair decision against or for them, such as a penalty being given when no foul happened and or a team not getting a penalty despite a foul happening, other people believe it reduces the chance of referee incompetence and or potential bias such as in the case of Martin Atkinson when he refereed Manchester city vs. Manchester United where he called fouls prevalently in the first opening half for Manchester United, an example from the match is the case of United’s Young, jumping on Raheem Sterling’s back and no free kick being awarded. Similarly potential bias was shown in the same match when Ashley Young had touched the ball with his hand, claiming he didn’t mean it as a potential result of this Atkinson didn’t give it. Later in the match City should have been awarded a penalty but instead Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero was booked for diving, City went on to lose the match 3-1. For Manchester City it was a potential title winning match. V.A.R could of prevent this as it allows multiple people to review a decision increasing the chance that it will be non-biased they can correct any decisions wrongly made and or given.

However a lot of people are against the use of V.A.R as it sadly slows down the game

One of the biggest critiques of the technology is that it will slow down the matches and football’s natural fast paced nature one such example was during the Carabao cup final at Chelsea’s ground Stamford, VAR took a lot of time to implement. Referee Martin Atkinson checked on VAR two times for the Chelsea penalty appeals this took 85 seconds to review which he had to add onto the end of the match, another reason why people are against the introduction of V.A.R is that certain leagues use different rules and laws in football so V.A.R can make one decision in one league but a completely separate decision in a different league from either the same country or a different country for example in the German 1st division they have a V.A.R representative so people accuse him of being potentially biased and influence decisions. Another reason why people are against it is that the people attending the match don’t even get to see the decisions that change and or affect their team people at home and or watching it other places are able to review and replay the decisions thus running the atmosphere and perception the fans have of the match being played

Yet another reason why a lot of people are against v.a.r as it reduces the usefulness of the referee as it undermines his decisions and changes them and as a result they will eventually become useless as they could just as easily be replaced with v.a.r

Finally another reason why many people are against v.a.r is the fact that it ruins the nature of the game, for instance a team such as Man city and/or Barcelona could be losing a match and or winning a match only for it to not be counted due to v.a.r this as a result would get people annoyed as their team could lose a final and or cup match due to v.a.r ruling out their goal

However regardless of whether or not it should be introduced into football it has been proven effective in other sports such as American football, Rugby union, Tennis, cricket

In cricket it is effective in determining whether or not the ball hit off the wickets, in rugby where it was the first sport to fully introduce it there is a chance that it will take a long time to determine decisions. In tennis, 2004 Serena Williams lost a final due to dodgy decisions and the American tennis organisation had to apologise to her and in March 2006, NASDAQ-100 Open was the first tournament to fully use it.

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