Brief Description Experience Presentation Essay


Discuss About The Brief Description Experience Presentation?



I had undertaken my presentation report on the topic “Network and Information Security Technologies”. While conducting my course study, I had done the work in group and gained knowledge to plan an effective presentation. Before started to work for this presentation, I was not familiar with the amount of work and effort that would require to provide to complete the work my due assignment date. I had set an objective behind preparing the report. I had done a lot of research analysis on selected topic to explain my knowledge in my report. I had provided a brief description of the topic, provide an overview and investigate the problem.

Contribution to experience

I had found that most important is the structure of the presentation. In my assessment requirement file, I had provided with the structure, therefore it became easier for me to give the perfect structure to my report. After the structure, search for key information and data related to selected topic is also important. I have some knowledge on network and information security technologies used to secure the network used by the users to share and store of data on the network server. I had defined the key terms which is used to search information such as information, network security, and network technologies. I had presented my own ideas on the selected topic and discussed the research relevant to the objectives of report. I had gathered required information and analyzed that information. I had examined the research issues from global and local perspective.

Learning from the experience

I had found that before preparing any report presentation on a topic, one must have an interest as well as knowledge on the topic. Delivery of the presentation report is also important for getting high marks. I had learnt that before writing a report, it is required to construct model-what, so what and now what. It is necessary to draw relationship between theoretical understanding and key aspects of observation.

Handling of experience differently

I have an analysis experience. I had made sure if the selected topic is good and if I can able to find sufficient information on it. In my experience, contraction between reality as well as expectations is described. Finally, conclusion and recommendations were provided in the report to conclude what actually the topic is stated, summary of the entire research report and suggestions for future research. I had explained the significance of my findings to address the problems and limitations.

Positives and negatives of presentation

The positive aspect of my presentation is that it builds up images to aid an understanding of the concepts. It draws attention to define the key terms. By proper analysis and observation, I had assessed my degree of comprehension on preparing the report. The negative aspect is that the report does not provide the reader with an opportunity to ask questions and provide of feedback. It is not an interactive report; therefore there are chances of misunderstanding.


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