Bridal makeup Essay

There are crazy many reasons why being a bride is the best feeling in the world. As girls, most of us fantasize ourselves as a bride walking down the aisle. The day you make your prince charming of your dreams, your own. Nobody wants to look anything less than the best on her D day. Bridal makeup, nothing short of perfection plays a huge role in it. Check out some important makeup tips for Muslim bride, given by some of the best bridal makeup artist in Kerala.

Start early

You cannot give an excuse like jobs, classes, household works and most importantly laziness for making yourself unavailable to prep your skin for your big day.

Consult a dermatologist and address your skin concerns at least a year before your wedding day. Follow a regime at least for six months to keep acne and pigmentations under control.

Consider skin peels and lasers with the help of an aesthetician at least before six months to bring in the cell turnover which gives your skin a healthy glow.

Start your final touch up before two months by regular exfoliation and rejuvenating facials.

Save yourself from getting tanned. Cover your face and body when you step out in the sun. Use a good SPF sunscreen lotion.

Up of all don’t forget to eat healthy, to hydrate yourself and to a have regular workout sessions. These are the three golden rules for a healthy skin.

So once you have these preparations met, the bridal make up is going to look twice as good and helps to resonate your beauty naturally.

Muslim weddings are one of the most colourful and scintillating affair. Muslim bridal make up has evolved a long way. brides are opting for the glamourous magazine cover makeup than the traditional make up.

Getting your makeup right depends on several factors like facial features, structure of your face, the time of the wedding, the bridal attire and so on. The below tips can help you look stunning and drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day.

Highlighting the eyes

Muslim bridal makeup gives the entire focus in making the eyes look mesmerising. Get your eyebrows done at least two days before the wedding. Use a wide coverage concealer to hide your pesky dark circles. Shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Use eye shadow that matches with the attire or you can also make smoky eyes or try using more than 2 colours and blend strategically to make it look more sensuous. Use thick water proof mascara and false lashes to complete the look.

Lip makeup

Lips comes to he the close second after the eyes in a bridal makeup. It is important to make it appealing, long lasting and to stay still throughout the smiles for the day. Moisturise your lips and prime it with foundation. Use a dark lip liner as base and shape your lips. Use two shades of super pigmented lipstick and some gloss. It’s better to opt for subtle colours to balance out the dramatic eye make up.

Setting the tone and spotlights

Contouring has gone mainstream and many brides are opting for high contouring to give a slimming effect and give a definite structure to the face and accentuate your facial features. Contouring and highlighting helps to completely transform your look if done correctly otherwise will end up becoming a disaster. It is better to take trials to experiment the best contouring look that suits you.

Use illuminators to give a spotlight effect on the highest point of cheekbones, nose, under the eyebrows and chin.

Hair do

It is a tradition for Muslim brides to cover the head with a veil. But the sheer veil gives a good glimpse of the brides hair do and accessories used like brooches. Head ornamentation like paasa/jhumar is also a highlight in Muslim wedding. Buns are traditional hair styles. You can leave some loose curls on the sides to leave a soft touch.

Unlike the wedding dress and ornaments that are guaranteed to look just the way it was brought and tried them on. Makeup is a real ballgame, and only a trusted make up artist can nail it.

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