Brand Switching In The Telecommunications Industry Essay


Brand switching (or Churn) is a major problem in the telecommunications industry. You are required to review the current literature on Brand Switching and write a literature review which could be suitable for publication in an academic marketing journal.


According to Islam et al. (2016) every member of the Australian population has more than one subscription of mobile phone. As a result of that, there are a number of issues pertaining to the mobile phone service providers which has posed to be a challenge in the retention of customers. Although there are a number of switching models for analyzing the behavior of the customers but those are not helpful due to the difference in the market structure. This article has discussed about the data mining techniques for identifying the switching patterns without any kind of models or domain knowledge. Various interesting patterns were talked about in this paper from the perspective of marketing and brand switching.

Yeboah, Junior and Adonteng-Sakyi (2017) on the other hand, have mentioned that the increase in the number of telecom service providers has given rise to mobile number portability leading to increased competition for the existing service providers. This particular study has analyzed the effect of brand on the purchasing pattern in the mobile and telecommunication industry. It was found out in this study that the customers do not see much difference among the service providers apart from the service provided and the price they are paying for it. It has also observed that the customers do not think twice before switching from one provider if they feel that the other providers are giving better service quality. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the brand to make their service quality a motivating factor for the retention of the customers.


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