Brand Management: Create Awareness Essay


Discuss about the Brand Management for Create Awareness.


Necessity of Exploring Consumer Insight when Measuring the Effectiveness of the Advertising Campaigns

It is evident that in order to promote the brand or create awareness regarding the brand among the people, the firm needs to focus on the advertising campaigns (Ashley and Tuten 2015). Through advertising, the brand could target the wide area of market. Thus, the while promoting the products and services through advertising, the brand should consider customer’s insight as customer is the major goal to addressed the message through advertising is being conveyed. The brand should promote the products based on customer’s taste and interests. Thus, it is insignificant to advertise the contents that customers cannot relate to brand products and services. While measuring the effectiveness of the advertisement, it is necessary to look into the fact that, at what extent the customers embrace the advertising campaigns and give reactions. For example, if the customers do prefer the staffer campaigns of B&Q, then, brand may have to think again to develop their advertising strategies.

Other Possible Elements Required to Build a Successful Brand

Apart from the advertising, the brand could implement or include other relevant elements such as logo development, CSR activities. As put forward by Sengupta, Balaji and Krishnan (2015), a logo of the brand could effectively present the products and services; thereby, people could relate the brand with its products and services. However, Ashley and Tuten (2015) commented that B&Q needs to improve its logo to help people understand about the products and services without visiting to the store. Likewise, in order to develop the brand, B&Q needs to focus on the CSR activities. By engaging itself in CSR activities, the firm could create a place in the mind of people. Hence, by implementing CSR activities, B&Q could contribute to the development of community, which is one of the significant strategies of any large brand. For example, B&Q could take part in promoting the importance of green field and nature. Consideration of environmental sustainability is another significant strategy to develop the brand.

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