Book talk summary Essay

The book “Then she was gone” surrounds the brutal disappearance of a 25-year-old girl named Ellie Mack. Her mother, Laurel mack, states that Ellie left one morning, asked her to save a piece of lasagna for her, but then never returned. The strange thing is, Ellie was PERFECT in every way shape and form. She had no reason to leave home.

Her family consisted of her mother Laurel, her father Paul, her sister Hanna and her brother Jack. They are all from the UK and all three kids were raised there. A little while after she had gone missing, her parents divorced. Now Paul is remarried to a lady named Bonnie. Her sister and brother have moved out and started their own lives, and her mother lives alone in her flat, until recently.

The majority of the book is from laurels point of view and her thoughts. One regular day, Laurel decides to go to the cake shop down the street from her mother's old folks home. A man walks in, whom Laurel finds very attractive. He had a slice of carrot cake and sits in the table next to her. They both start talking and before you know it, Laurel is going out with this man. This man's name is Floyd Dunn, he has two daughters, Sara Jade (SJ) and Poppy. Poppy is a bit, peculiar. She is very mature for her age, her being only 9, she's got the mind of a straight-A student in high school.

After a few dates, Laurel is meeting poppy. The first look at poppy has laurel shooken. She is a spinning image of her lost daughter and looks a little like Laurel herself. But Laurel shakes it off. ”People look like different people all the time",” she thinks to herself. But as time goes on, Laurel finds new pieces of information about her daughter's disappearance. She also learns about poppy mum, Noelle.S he was an Irishwoman, red hair, but wasn't the prettiest. She met Floyd County and when he was doing a meet and greet along with book signing. Noelle also used to be Ellie's tutor for math. Such a strange woman she was. Ellie always got a strange feeling whenever Noelle was around. Some of the books are in the perspective of Noelle talking to Floyd. She explains how much she enjoyed teaching Ellie and how she might have been slightly obsessed. She also reveals some dark secrets. The book will also sometimes go back in time to when Ellie was still around. This book should be read only by people 13 or older. There are swears and mature content.

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