Book summary 3 Essay

My book is the Wings Of Fire book 12. It is called the Hive Queen. The book’s point of view is from Cricket. The book begins with Cricket, Swordtail and Sundew watching Blue get out of his metamorphosis. When he gets out the story really begins…

They leave their hiding spot to find Luna. Sadly they do not find her. So they set of to find the Jewel hive. When they find it they have to go to a store to dress up for the hive. They get the clothing by breaking in and stealing. Blue leaves a piece of flamesilk in return to compensate.

When they get into the hive they go find a hiding spot. They find a rusty old water tower to wait the night out. When they wake up in the morning Cricket sees her sister Katydid. Cricket then realized the house she was walking to was her moms house.

Cricket was very surprised to see her sister there. She was more surprised to see Lady Jewel. Cricket left the water tower to talk to Katydid. Katydid ran and cricket went after, Katydid was to fast for her.

A few hours later Katydid came back and this time actually talked to Cricket. When she did she lead cricket into their house and Cricket looks at some drawings she did when she was about 4 or 5. A few minutes later she sees her mom walk in and Cricket hates her mom. She attacks Cricket (because she is a fugitive). Her and Cricket run off and they meet Lady Jewel at her house and she tells Cricket that her mom is not her mom.

Crickets real mom is Katydid. This is why she always protected her as child and made her meals. This is why she always dropped her of at school and saved her from abuse. Cricket was mad at Katydid for not telling her and she was sorta happy too.

Since Cricket is a fugitive she has to hide. Showing herself around the guards would put her in prison. When Cricket went to Lady Jewels house there was a party going on. The queen of the hive wings took control of them again. So cricket had to hide, but she was caught.

Cricket was put in prison. Lady Jewel came and saw her and gave her a piece of flamesilk. She used the flamesilk to break the treestuff on top. Now she was free. When she escapes she goes to the hatchery. Cricket sees the queen injecting venom and grabs an egg. Then Cricket hides and gets out of the hatchery When she finds her friends she tells them the news. When she was holding it the egg hatched.

I thought the book was good. I would give this book a five star review. I thought the character was awesome and it kept me intrigued. The book was the best.

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