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The phrase dead to sin can be found only once in the Bible. In this regard, it has been said in the Roman 6:11, “even so consider your self to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Therefore it is considered that as Christians, we are dead to sin as a result of our union with Christ. As a result of our union with Christ and also due to the reason that we were “in him” it can be said that when Jesus died on the cross, we also died with him. In this regard, the Bible say is that a person is free from the law when he or she has died. Therefore due to the reason that we have died with Christ, we have also died to the law. In this regard, it also needs to be noted that law reveals over sins. However if the law does not have power over us anymore, because we have died to it with Christ, then it can be said that we are dead to sin. Sin has no longer any power over us to condemn us as a result of sin, which is death, has been satisfied by Christ when he died on the cross.

What does this verse mean from a commentary and theological point of view?

In the context of this verse, Paul tells us in verse six, that while our old self has been crucified along with Christ and as a result, we are not the slaves of sin anymore. Similarly in verse 8, he tells that we have died with Christ. As a result, when we reach to verse 11, we also consider ourselves as dead to sin and death to the power that still had over us and on the other hand, we are alive to the power of God that is present in us.

How does this verse link to the topic of the sermon Dead to live Alive in Christ

The lack of knowledge has restricted a number of people from using the power of truth. In this passage, at three places, Paul has emphasized on the word, “know". It has been written by him, “KNOW that your old self was crucified with Christ.” (Verse 5). In this regard, he teaches us that we are identifying ourselves with the death of Christ His burial and the resurrection. However, most of the Christians do not consider themselves dead to sin. All types of sinful possibilities are still entertained in their mind. In this regard, Paul writes, “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I. but Christ lives in me.” (Gal. 2:20). It is necessary that the believers consider themselves to be dead to sin but at the same time being alive to the purpose, plans and priorities of Christ.

How can you link the verse and the topic to Easter paying more attention to the following verse

However, most of the believers fail to work on the assumptions of Paul regarding being dead to sin and allied to Christ. They still succumb to the sinful desires do to the reason that it is wrongly assumed by them that they are helpless in overcoming these desires.

In this way, Paul says that though I lived, still it is Christ who lives in me. He is not aware when Paul ends and Christ starts. The reason is that they are planted together, are interwoven and grow together. The cavalry of Christ was my cavalry, the Good Friday of Christ was my Good Friday and the Easter of Christ was my Easter.

How can you apply this in the current Modern and real life.

These teachings can be used in the modern world. The reason is that all teaches us that when a person really starts to believe in Christ, God takes a state and considers him dead in Christ. In this way, the Lord frees us from our sins and also from the penalty and consequences of sin. As a result, our labor is required to discipline oneself for godliness and also to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. In this regard, we do not have to rely only upon the power of positive thinking but God is also at work. He is creating the desire and the power so that we can accomplish His will.

Therefore, it is important that we stop living the life of depression, discouragement and defeat. At the same time, it is important for us to live while being completely aware of our powerful position in Christ. Therefore, we are not required to negotiate from a weak position. In this regard, we have to ask the Lord for help to live more as the person who appropriates the fact that he or she is a conqueror in Christ. In this way, Paul teaches is that the power of that has been broken and the basis of bondage which is the fear of death has been severed. Therefore we can become free to start living for internal purposes. We are not required to face any longer than fear regarding what lies beyond the grave because they are fully identified ourselves with Christ.

Also teaches us that ultimate risk is not present in the cause of truth and love because a Spirit filled Christian cannot be defeated by anyone. Therefore, Paul writes, "for when a man dies, he is free from the power of sin (Verse 7). Therefore, we should not spend too much time in worrying regarding the negative things as they drag us down. On the other hand, we should invest more of our time and energy towards the propagation of truth and love of Christ.

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