Best weight loss drinks Essay

The best incendiary drinks that you use are very important and very tasty to take daily to take advantage of the benefits of these drinks in fat fighting and thus help you to lose unwanted weight at the same time.

One of the most important components of these drinks, berries that contains antioxidants enhance the process of burning fat in the body. One of the most effective vegetables in fat burning is pomegranate juice, which has the potential to dissolve fat from the body. Ginger, which comes in many recipes for slimming because it is anti-inflammatory and toxins and helps digestion and burning calories. Cinnamon, which contains effective natural compounds have the ability to burn fat in the body, and apples, which is one of the most important fruits that help the body to lose weight and burn fat. Bananas have a high ability to prevent the absorption of certain types of carbohydrates that contribute significantly to weight gain, and contains resistant starch and potassium and a large amount of insoluble fiber that contribute to the disposal of waste, burning fat and curb appetite.

The following drinks are very easy to prepare and can be prepared at home, and you will only need a high-power electric mixer and only 5 minutes of your time to make a home drink rich in healthy natural nutrients.

Cinnamon and Apple Drink:


8 ounces of coconut water

4 beads of raw almonds

A teaspoon of vanilla extract

Teaspoon ground cinnamon

cup chopped apples (medium size apple)

1/2 tablespoon of unsweetened protein powder

Spoon of flax seeds

Preparation: Put all ingredients of the juice in the mixer and mix well

Ginger Drink


One fruit of banana peeler and frozen

1/4 inch of peeled and chopped ginger

1/2 cup frozen mango slices

1/4 cup orange juice

1/4 cup of water

4-5 cubes of ice

Preparation: Add the ingredients in the mixer, and take this drink in the afternoon.

Cucumber and mint


2 fruit cucumber

6 ounces of skimmed Greek yogurt or 170 grams

Two tablespoons of honey

3 leaves of mint

Juice of half a grain of lemon sour

3 cubes of ice

A bunch of black pepper

Preparation: Put all the components of the brew in the mixer and taste delicious taste and benefits.

Pomegranate juice and berries

A cup and a half of frozen berries

A cup of unsweetened pomegranate juice

The fruit of pomegranate ( 1 )

Or 28 g of whey protein (powder)

You can add one banana to the mixture, especially if you do not like the taste of pomegranate in the drink.

Preparation: Place all ingredients in the mixer high and mix well.

Avocado and Banana Drink

3 fresh bananas

2 cups coconut water

1/2 mashed pieces of avocado

Two tablespoons of honey

12 cube of ice

Teaspoon of cinnamon

A teaspoon of vanilla extract

Salt spray

Slices of bananas and almonds for decoration

Preparation: Place all ingredients in the mixer high and mix well.

drink of Unsweetened almond milk, berries and bananas

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

Spoon of chocolate protein powder

One banana

One cup of black berries

Preparation: Put all the ingredients in the mixer and operate it to a high degree to become thick juice.

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