Best tricycle for kids Essay

Once your little boy or girl is officially a toddler, they become more active and fiercely independent. If you are having a hard time keeping your restless munchkins occupied, then a baby tricycle might just be the thing you should look for. Riding a tricycle isn’t only fun, but it will give them plenty of outdoor time and exercise, confidence, and improve their mobility skills.

To give you a better idea, here’s an extensive read on the best tricycle for kids, what to look for, and answers to some of the most asked questions.

Considerations for Buying a Children Tricycle

Most parents start tricycle shopping when their kid is between 1 and 1.5 years old. Sure, tricycle riding is exciting, but it also helps toddlers with balance and coordination. Before your little boy/girl rocks his/her new toy you’ll want to go over this rundown below.

Right size for age – Age and size of your children are two of the first things you should consider.

Price – For parents on a budget, there are tricycle models as low as ₹1000. However, high-end models – like motorized trikes and 5-in-1 stroller to trikes can cost even five times (or more) that price. If you don’t prefer buying tricycles every summer go for a ‘grow with the child’ model even if it is pricey.

Safety – When you search ‘best toddler tricycle’ online, look for the ones made from sturdy metals rather than poor quality plastic. Make sure the model meets safety standards like BSI, ISO, or EN 71. Also, have a check on the steering.

Tipping over and sliding off may happen especially when kids are new to riding. So, don’t forget to pick up helmets and knee pads along with the trikes.

Child’s ability – Don’t buy a trike or tricycle just because the other kids in your neighborhood have one. Consider your child’s physical ability to balance, pedal, reach for handlebars etc.

Indoors or outdoors – the Intended area is another critical factor. A handy tip: plastic models work better indoors whereas your kid may need a sturdier option if he/she has a thing for outdoors.

Portability – If you’re a wanderlust family, you may want to consider foldable tricycles. And yes, the foldable one may have a hefty price tag.

Size and weight – Heavier toddler tricycles won’t tip over easily but ensure your child can handle the vehicle’s weight. Otherwise, explore the lightweight tricycle options.

Durability – factor in durability into the decision-making process if your little one is the most energetic one in the world.

Material – Material and durability go hand in hand. Steel and plastic are the two basic materials used for making tricycles. Steel is sturdy but can rust over time whereas plastic is less sturdy but won’t rust.

Quality - While you may think that cheap price may mean poor quality, this is not at all the case, because a tricycle made with affordable materials doesn’t necessarily mean that the manufacturing is substantial.

Reviews – Last but not least, always check out the reviews that other parents have already left for the tricycle that caught your attention.

Best tricycle for Kids – Our Top Ten Picks

1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Baby/Kids Cycle

Starting off this list at number 1 spot is Tiny Toes Grand Baby/Kids Cycle by R for Rabbit. As far as the baby tricycles go, this toddler-pleaser had parents dropping a jaw. With removable and adjustable parent handle, safety belts, and plug & play wheels, this tricycle comes with plenty of features. This baby tricycle with push handle weights at 6.68 kg and comes in a range of colours, including blue, yellow, orange, purple, and lake blue versions. And, of course, there’s a storage basket for all those treasures your kids may collect along their way.

Who it’s for: Kids age 1.5 to 5 years

Carrying capacity: up to 25 Kgs

Package Dimensions: 61.5 x 39.9 x 23.1 cm

The Good:

Certified ‘SAFE’ as per European standards

Grows along with the child

Safety seat belts, comfortable seats, and chrome tires make the ride safe

Detachable parental control and foldable footrest

Bell on the handlebar adds up fun

All-terrain; suitable for indoors as well

Easy to assemble

The Bad

Difficult-to-turn handlebar

Parent control is a little low – possibly not ideal for taller parents

A little pricey

2. Baybee Mario Sportz - The Stylish Plug and Play Baby Tricycle

When it comes to finding baby tricycle with push handle, this one’s indeed a luxury ride. With all that comes with it, including the stylish directional control, cushioned seat, and cozy headrest you’ll think you just bought a high-end kid’s electric car. It converts from a baby tricycle all the way to a stroller thanks to the 180-degree rotating seat. You can easily push your kids along with the adjustable handlebar until they graduate to steering on their own. Other bells and whistles include the foldable UV-blocking canopy, storage box, and wide footrest. It’s well worth the money as it grows with your kids.

Who it’s for: Kids age 1.5 to 5 years

Carrying capacity: up to 25 Kgs

Package Dimensions: 61 x 40 x 34 cm

The Good

Safe as EN71 certified

Sturdy, high-quality chrome wheels keep the floors intact and make no noise

The 3-in-1 tricycle for kids takes care of strolling, steering, and riding.

Rides smooth even on rough surface

Easy assembly

The Bad

Heavier at 12.5 Kg; riding may be difficult, especially for the younger cyclists.

Cannot be folded easily

High Cost

3. Amardeep and Co Baby Tricycle

Amardeep & Co makes the number 3 rank with its stylish 100% Indian-made baby tricycle. From the design, it is pretty clear that FUN is the prime benefit of having this tricycle. It features a sturdy steel pipe frame covered by a durable plastic body. It also comes equipped removable footrest, armrest, rubber grip handles, parent control, and durable tires for a safe drive. The design is inclusive of an elegant canopy to keep the sun out of your baby boy’s eyes as he enjoys the outdoor rides.

It is lightweight (just 308 grams), easy to ride, and has a wide wheelbase for better stability.

Who it’s for: 1-3-year-old kids

Package Dimensions: 24.7 x 10.6 x 2.3 cm

The Good

Sturdy yet not heavy

Stylish cartoon design with music functionality

Small and comfortable enough for the toddlers

Rear basket to keep kids’ belongings

The Bad

Assembly requirement

Not as durable as metal tricycles

The push bar is only 90cm – not a great choice if you’re taller

4. TOY-STATION 5-in-1 Portable Foldable Baby Tricycle

Who’s designed this stylish children’s tricycle? TOY-STATION! With front bottle holder, rear storage box, removable backrest, and foldable middle footrest, this is another grow-with-your-child tricycle. That means you don’t have to worry about buying another tricycle next year unless there’s a great growth spurt! It has adjustable parent handlebar with parent steering control which you can remove or hide when your boy toddler’s license to pedal it alone.

What’s more, with safety features, such as the 5-point harness, safety belt, and a detachable UV-blocking canopy, you can rest assured your kids are in good, comfortable hands.

Who it’s for: 12 months+ kids

Carrying capacity: 30Kg

Assembled dimensions: 95 x 49 x 98 cm

The Good

Ergonomic sleek design

Easily foldable, portable, fits in most cars

Reclining seat with soft cushion

foldable middle footrest to increase comfort

Front freewheel system with wide base

The Bad

It is quite pricey

5. Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

At number 5, halfway through the list of best tricycle for kids, Dash makes an entry with their stylish tricycle. One word about Dash you should know: Dash is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of Kids ride-on toys. Before even getting into what makes it a fave, we must tell you that this one has a disclaimer: For cool boys only!

All features of this flashy trike bike are top of the line: Rugged treadwheel for a smooth and safe ride, under-seat storage (just like dad’s bike), comfortable big backrest, and paddle. Another reason to get this for your music-lover boy – with the press of a button he can listen to “Jingle bells”, “Humpty Dumpty”, etc. while riding. And yes, this model comes with LED lights, too. In short, this look-alike of the adult bike (albeit the small size and lack of ignition) is a value for money buy.

Who it’s for: 2- 5 years old boys

Dimensions: 52 x 40 x 36 cm

The Good

Nominally priced

Curvy seat and wide wheelbase to boost stability

Batteries included for light and music functionalities

The Bad

Balancing might be a problem for the starters

Assembly is quite difficult

6. CHILDSTAR WITH DEVICE Tricycle with Storage Basket

This gorgeous kids’ tricycle isn’t just fun, it’s also safe – comes with EN 71 certification. It’s comfortable and has heavy duty alloy wheels that rule out accidental tip-overs or sliding off the seat. Another safety feature is that there are no sharp edges so, kids will not incur accidental cuts or scratches. With the comfy wide seat, easy-to-reach pedals, and handlebars with a soft yet firm grip, your boys and girls will love the excitement of piloting their very first tricycle. With front and back storage, kids can carry their favorite toys along whenever they venture out.

Who it’s for: Kids age 1 year+

Dimensions: 20 cm × 23 cm × 18 cm

The Good

Long-lasting and durable

Unbeatable price for the quality

Use on all surfaces

Stylish look, available in five colors

The Bad

No safety belt

No music & LED light


7. Archana NHR Kids Tricycle

Another made in India tricycle for your kids! Everyone will see and hear your little biker as he zooms by on his favorite ride. It comes equipped with soft-grip handlebars, paddle for easy movement, and even LED lights and music buttons. This stylish ride-on is built to last and your toddler will be the prince of the neighbourhood. In terms of improved safety and functionality, it checks almost all boxes – low to the ground, heavy traction wheels, slip-resistant pedals, big back rest – to name a few.

It also has a storage space right under that curvy seat where your son can store his belongings for a fun ride. Overall, it’s sturdy and cute, and no kid will ever be disappointed. And for that price, chances of regret are ZERO.

Who it’s for: Toddlers age 2.5 to 5 years

Dimension: 52 x 40 x 36 cm

The Good

Creative and sporty design

Great price for the value

Smooth ride even on rough terrains

Good turning and maneuverability

The Bad

Difficult assembly process

The seat may be slippery for a 2-year old

Plastic make

8. GoodLuck Baybee - 2 in 1 Convertible baby Tricycle

This is perfect for young kids who want a trike but still need a stroller. First of all, this model is exceptionally safe as it is equipped back wheel foot brake, high backrest, seatbelt, and shock absorbing solid foam wheel. In addition, it has Adult Steer and Stroll adjustable push handle to ensure kids are safe. Another notable feature is its travel-friendly, foldable design. The longevity of this tricycle is excellent; As your boy or girl grows, use the removable elements to take it to the next level.

Who it’s for: Kids age 6 months to 5 years

Dimension: 62.6 x 27.6 x 24.8 cm

Carrying capacity: 25 Kg

The Good

Simple, Sturdy Design

Folds easily for storage and travel

Kids do not have to pedal

Great ride-on to teach balance and coordination

Fit all surfaces including indoors

Rear storage space

The Bad

Wobbly steering handle

Tire quality is minimal for Indian roads

No canopy

No product assembly video/manual

9. LuvLap Baby Tricycle

At number 9, we have LuvLap Baby Tricycle - an EN71 certified 2 in 1 model that is adaptable for both kids and their parents. This simple, stylish model starts out as a stroller for kids as young as 15+ months. When it’s toddler time, the parent handle can be removed so they can venture out and enjoy the fresh air and independence. It features full metal frame body, multi-position adjustable seats with safety belts, and pedal lock for the push-along mode. The ergonomic design also contains a rear storage container which comes handy while strolling or scooting around.

Who it’s for: Kids age 15 to 24 months+

Dimensions: 46 x 29 x 27.2 cm

The Good

Simple design with bright colors

3 point safety harness

Wheel steering lock

Smooth edges and easy-to-grip handles

Slip-resistant pedals

Installation videos available

The Bad

Low to ground pedals might cause difficulty for taller kids

Less stable back tires

No parent controls

10. Chicco Toy U-Go Trike Ducati

The Toy U-Go Trike Ducati does what it says it does. This moderately priced sporty model is great to go places. Why? Because it comes with two operating modes: ‘Push n Go’ – here parents can adjust telescopic handle’s height to effortlessly push the tricycle; ‘Free Pedaling’ - when the kids are ready, remove the adjustable handle, allowing for an independent pedaling experience. Speaking of its safety features, it has 3-point safety belt, steering lock, freewheel on/off system, and soft-grip handle.

The red frame, rod connecting both rear wheels, push handle are all made of sturdy metal; Front storage basket, front end and pedals of the tricycle are plastic-made; Wheels are made of rubber – meaning Toy U-Go Trike Ducati is made to last longer.

Who it’s for: 18 months to 5 years

Dimensions: 51.5 x 25 x 28.5 cm

Carrying capacity: 20 Kg

The Good

Sturdy, sporty, and well designed

Easy to ride

Fairly priced

The Bad

The seat is not adjustable

No direction controls

No manual or video to assemble; assembly takes time

Buyer’s Guide – FAQ

1. How does a tricycle help a child development?

Riding tricycles isn’t just a means of passage, it’s also a fun way to develop hand-eye-feet coordination, balance, confidence, sense of responsibility, and independence. In addition, they learn directions while steering the tricycle. It is also proven that active and confident kids become eager beavers as they grow old.

2. At what age can kids ride a tricycle?

As young as 12 months! However, before you introduce them to tricycles make sure they have some balancing skill. It is recommended choosing a convertible grow-old-with-me tricycle.

3. What are the different types of tricycle available?

Some of the common types are",

Traditional tricycles: two rear wheels and one front wheel

Tricycle with low step through

Tricycle with basic triangular seating

Tricycle with recumbent seating

Tricycle with two wheels in front and one wheel behind

Tricycle that doubles as an electric scooter

Two-seater tricycles for twins

4. How do you teach a kid to ride a tricycle?

Usually, kids don’t show aversion to a cheerful tricycle still, make sure he/she is all in for enjoying the ride. To start with, put them on the seat, fasten the seat belt, and have kids scoot along the floor or road. It will be too early to make them out their tiny feet on the pedals and balance. Let them scoot/glide for a couple of days maybe a week or so. Then, introduce them to pedaling. At first, it may seem difficult for them to balance, steer, and pedal at the same time. But gradually they’ll pick up the pace.

5. How to find a safe tricycle?

All safe toddler tricycles should have a sturdy frame, wide seat, and smooth ride wheels that ride smoothly along all terrains. Also, check reviews. Parents usually point out the good and bad of the purchased items.

6. How much will I have to spend on a tricycle for 2-year-old?

Tricycles come in all shapes and sizes. You can expect anything between INR1000 to INR5000 for a decent model that can last longer. However high-end toddler tricycle can really go up to INR50",000!

7. What are the safety measures to take?

No matter how pricey or feature-filled the tricycle is, helmet, seatbelt, and kneepads are a necessity.

8. How tricycle canopy work?

Canopy acts as a shield to keep the sun out of your little boy’s eyes. But remember, it does not offer complete sun protection. So, it's better to limit stroll and pedal time especially when it is hot outside.

9. Is it possible to ride a tricycle on grass as well as pavement?

In many cases, yes, but not all tricycles have all-terrain tires. Some are exclusive for indoors and yards, whereas some other models ride well on rough surfaces but make marks on the floor. Also, there are trikes meant for off-road fun.

10. Which one should I buy – big wheel tricycles or Push tricycles?

Well, that depends on the kids’ age and balancing ability. Push tricycles, in fact, doubles as a stroller and starting from nine to ten months kids can use them. The bonus is here is that many push tricycles fall under ‘grow-with-me’ category wherein you can reassemble them to use as a tricycle when they are 2 years or up.

Big wheel tricycles are great if you prefer a sporty tricycle for 2-year-old and up. They sit low to ground, extend leg to pedal, and has fewer chances of tipping over.

11. How parental control work?

The parent handle allows you to push and stroll the tricycle easily with one hand. Parent controlled foot brakes are used to keep the tricycle in place - all you have to do is press the brake button on the rear wheels.

12. Is there a tricycle available for twins?

Yes! Two-seater tricycles with rotatable front seats and two canopies are available online so parents can walk the twins at the same time.

13. How to find the right comfort in a seat

Tricycles with the triangular seat are basic. Then there are the ones with comfortable backrest. In advanced models, seats are either positioned just like a regular motorcycle or sit low to the ground

14. Does my kid need a helmet?

Yes! Injuries can occur on sidewalks, driveways, streets or in parks. You cannot predict when they lose balance or wheels tip over. So, it’s important to inculcate helmet-wearing practice in kids, which in turn, will go a long way when they grow up.

15. Is there a tricycle helmet guide?

To ensure proper fit, always consider the 4S’s

• Size: Helmet should cover the upper part of your kid’s forehead.

• Strap: Go for an adjustable strap with quick release buckle.

• Safety: Look for safety standard clearances like ISI.

• Straight: No tilting when worn. It should sit straight and balanced

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