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Pets are part of our daily living and pets are also considered as our family members. They serves as our companion and can also provide us emotional support, pets can reduce the stress levels that we have, pets can be our best friend and protector. In return we should all be responsible owners, we have to make sure that our pets are healthy, fit, can eat food with proper nutrition according to their body’s need, proper and comfortable shelter and most of all love and care for our pets. Pets also play a great role in the society especially dogs. The sense of smell of the dogs and their ability to be trained easily and thy even helping people in

extremely different types of activities such as therapy dogs that are trained to provide warmth, care and comfort for people in the retirement homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hospices and therapy dogs can even have positive effect to those people with learning difficulties, individual in stressful situation like for tho who are in disaster areas, therapy dogs help these people improve their quality of life by encouraging them to be more sociable and engage in interactive activities. Rescue dogs are trained for rescue operations, like retrieval operation and searching for survivors after a calamity like avalanches, earthquake, fire, tsunami and a lot more. Police dogs are trained to assist police officers in maintaining order, they use their sense of smell in identifying different substances and detecting explosives. There are also dogs that are called medical alert and detection dogs they are highly trained to detect cancer, also help people with severe diabetes, Addison’s Disease, Narcolepsy and even Epilepsy these dogs helps the patients to make sure that they can get the right medical attention when needed. There are also dogs that are trained to help physically impaired people they are called assistance dogs. Dogs are not just simple pets they are more than that. They deserve to be loved and to be treated well.

Just like what I mentioned above they can be our protector, when we care and love our pets truly and treat them like a family member, in return they will do them same and will be loyal to you. I, myself is a dog lover. I have four dogs they were supposed to be six. Four out of six are my adopted dogs but unfortunately I lost two of them last year because of a viral infection. But with my four dogs now, one of them is my hero. His name is Ishmael he is a mutt, I am not after the breed of the dog whether it is a pure breed or mutt they all deserved to be loved. Last July 2018 a burglar broke into our house when we are all fast asleep without us knowing that he (burglar) already took some of our belongings and then returned for the second time that same night to get some more. The burglar sprayed something that made us all felt dizzy we can hear Ishmael barking but it seems hard for us to get up but Ishmael did everything to wake us up and when I got out of bed I saw the burglar escaping through the balcony on my room. I saw my brave dog running after the burglar and bit him on his leg. I am very thankful because even Ishmael was only five months old back then he was very brave, I can’t imagine how close the burglar got to me when he entered my room I don’t know what might have happened if I don’t have Ishmael in my life at that time. Thanks to our creator for bringing dogs into our lives.

Our pets deserves a treat too! Not only foodies but a pet spa day will make them feel a lot better. Let see what are the best PET GROOMING SERVICES IN CHCAGO.

Bark Bark Club

Bark Bark Club is committed to provide the finest per services that includes doggy daycare, award winning dog grooming, pet sitters, dog training, crate free dog boarding and dog walkers. Their commitment pets is beyond providing care for the animals that we love. They don’t just care for our pets, but they also care for the community and as well as the world.

All of their staff members are professionally trained for pet first aid and CPR certified. Their crate free facility allows the dogs to have freedom while relaxing. All dogs are monitored being monitored 24 hours 7 days a week by their pack leaders. Bark Bark Club allows pet owners to have a tour in the facility all they have to do is book an appointment for the facility tour.


PetSmart offer services such as, pet grooming, pet hotel, doggy day camp, dog training, veterinary care, and even pet adoption.

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