Best biomechanical tattoos for everyone Essay

Tattoos are somethings that fascinate everybody. From an early age we all have used pens and sketch pens to draw tattoos on ourselves and when we get older some of us actually take the leap and permanently mark ourselves. Tattoos have come to represent something more than just art. They stand for our past, our future, what we hope for and sometimes are for just fun. Luckily for people, there are talented artists nowadays whose creativity didn’t stop at just flowers and stars.

There are so many different kinds of tattoos these days, of animals, abstract art, cartoon characters and much more. But the biomechanical tattoos are in a league of their own. They are immensely popular as they are quite riveting in terms of design elements, which are inspired by mechanical components. With the current fascination of robots and their origins, there is no dearth of people wanting to be one. Or wanting to look like one at least. From Cyborgs to aliens, and every nut in between them the look and feel of gears has entranced us like no other. And from this fascination comes the art form of Biomechanics. Biomechanical tattoos are an amalgamation of the human anatomy and mechanical parts. This can be done in various ways for example, the frames of the body are represented by machine parts such as bolts and levers. And as an added bonus bio-mechanical tattoos appear to be really sophisticated and attention-grabbing due to the imaginative use of colours and the complexity of their designs. The tattoos are highly ingenious and aren’t just the machine crazy males who are obviously going for these, even the ladies are also gearing up to take these machine-like tattoos with a fervour like no other.

And just like certain specialised tattoos, even these have requirements to have us classify them as bio mechanical. A few of the important requirements of a biomechanical art that should always be kept in mind are the elements of machines like pipes, gears etc. These tattoos involve tiny and intricate details which is what sets them apart. And if these are off by just an inch then the purpose of these tattoos will be ruined.

While a multi coloured tattoo is always stunning when done properly, a classic black design looks equally good for these tattoos as they represent the machines that are part of our world. But here the location of the tattoo is more important than the colouring as its placement in terms of angle, which needs to be done with care is necessary to show the best effect. For this, locations such as our upper back, shoulders and calves are the best possible spots as they look proper and realistic at these locations.

Also, such a tattoo is usually huge and bulky, covering a wide area and is very expensive due to its meticulous and elaborate shape. Additionally, this tattoo is a huge commitment because of the fact that the tattoo is hard to get rid of or change, which means that the person getting it should be ready for this completely. This is a major drawback as sometimes while getting a tattoo one can change their mind without adversely affecting the tattoo, (this is dependent on the tattoo artist but usually it isn’t that hard to modify a tattoo), as this type of tattoo cannot be blended or turned into something else without a lot of dedication.

But just because these are machine like and have such an intense focus on designing and the nuts and bolts doesn’t mean that they have no value or meaning. The design still retains its significance. They have come to represent various different aspects of the wearer’s life. For example, unsurprisingly they represent Masculinity maybe because, the most common makers of machines or robots are men, but it should be said that there are other designs that represent femininity too and make the entire design more-edgier. They also represent both creativity and modernity not just for the end product but because of the time and effort that has been put into making them. A dedicated and talented artist will make these tattoos gleam like their real counterparts.

But most surprisingly these tattoos have come to represent Love. In today’s world where love isn’t stopping at the boundaries and is being accepted, in all its different forms, everywhere, these machine-like tattoos are doing their best and succeeding in showcasing the love that the wearer has to give or has ever received. That’s the thing with these tattoos. They have moved beyond just representing the coldness of a machine. They’re infused with that element that make us human.

A perfect glimpse of the world that the future brings, the perfection of the machines with the heart of the humans.

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