by Matt Killenbeck

«Beowulf» could be the oldest surviving English epic poem, written at some point within the 7th or 8th century. It is concerning the great Scandinavian hero Beowulf's journey to free Denmark by slaying the ogre, Grendel. Beowulf is manufactured king of Geatland, their homeland, it is sooner or later killed by a fire-breathing dragon. The only understood manuscript is in the British Museum in London. It really is written in Old English, but translations is available online. The title of this poet who penned Beowulf is not known.

Matt Killenbeck writes:

After reading the story of «Beowulf,» i do believe Beowulf is my hero. The tale described a great hero. He was strong, an outstanding fighter and very loyal to all who came into his existence. The story gives examples of his great courage and his tough energy. In the tale, Beowulf took on sea monsters and crushed them in his hold. When Beowulf went into battle, he thought in a reasonable battle. He believed that no fighter should have the top of hand.

With their abilities and talent, they can over come all. He fears no enemy. When fighting Grendel, a monster that has been terrorizing a village in story, Beowulf battles hand-to-hand. This feat took great courage and skillful combat. Beowulf fought numerous great battles. In his last battle, Beowulf had been fatally wounded, but he won the battle before he passed away. This is nov a good hero.

Last, Beowulf ended up being a really faithful hero. He revealed fairness to all he discovered, including his enemies. He believed that everybody had been equal and no one was greater or a lot better than anyone else. Whilst in battle, Beowulf revealed great commitment to his enemies by fighting one-on-one. Neither he nor his foes had the top of hand. Here is the major element in Beowulf's success. Beowulf ended up being additionally a hero because he fended-off Grendel and stopped him from killing more of Hrothgar's guys. This revealed his great commitment to Hrothgar and their people.

To conclude, Beowulf is my hero as a result of his outstanding fighting skills, their great power, and lastly their great commitment. These are all major traits of a good hero.

Rick Orci composed to MY HERO because of the following remark:

I'm a Beowulf fan aswell and just wished to make a remark. Beowulf did not always fight hand-to-hand («fairly»). In reality the interesting benefit of the tale is as Beowulf becomes more and much more reliant on product items (such as for example individuals, treasure, tools, etc.), he becomes more distant through the spiritual(this is actually his undoing). Since the 3 battles Beowulf participates progress, he attains more product goods. In the first battle against Grendel, he kills him with his bare arms. In the 2nd battle against Grendel's mother, he brings (hrunti?) the sword fond of him. Not merely does he depend on this blade, however it fails him and he is forced to make use of a giant's sword discovered within the lair. In 3rd battle, he becomes more reliant and needs Wiglaf to aid him. As you care able to see, Beowulf becomes weaker the greater amount of he hinges on material things in the place of their religious faith. This is actually Beowulf's undoing in my opinion. This is elucidated by the narrator by the end of tale as he refers to the now hidden treasure as «useless as it used to be before.» Thanks for listening J.R. Orci

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