Benefits Of Outsourcing Activities Essay


1.Discuss about hte Effectiveness and Usefulness Evaluation of Learning Experience.
2.Discuss about the Usefulness of Learning Experience.
3.Discuss about the Objectivity within Learning Process.
4.Discuss about the Application of Learning Process.


1.Effectiveness and Usefulness Evaluation of Learning Experience

The current research has increased my understanding on the fact that outsourcing research is highly theoretical that explains motivators for risks, profits along with advantages. The research has also revealed that in real life the companies have a tendency to conduct cost savings are not associated within outsourcing activities. I have learned from the research that there are several benefits of outsourcing activities, which provides competitive advantages long with maintaining enhanced sustainability to companies (Schniederjans, Schniederjans and Schniederjans 2015). From the framework that was developed in the research, I have learned that the motivators that includes advantages along with risks that can facilitate companies in taking outsourcing decisions.

I have learned that outsourcing serves as a famous practice within a company considers manufacturing products, conducting activities or provide with services for other companies that might perform in-house. I have evaluated that the research explained the ways in which companies use outsourcing strategy for saving costs and expenses. The learning experience gathered will help in revealing the risk factors that restricts a company in attaining outsourcing conducts. Such learning can also be valuable in evaluating certain motivating factors based on which outsourcing can be considered as effective option for companies (Dinu 2015). I will implement the gained knowledge through analysing several benefits of human resource outsourcing for this can offer simple access due to demographic and geographic barriers. I have also learned that outsourcing functions facilitates companies for effectively using skills, competence along with knowledge of people those reside in a long distance.

2.Usefulness of Learning Experience

The learning experience gather after accomplishing the research is expected to serve effectively in my course, future career, education program and in my general life. I will also transfer along with implementing new insights and knowledge in the upcoming years (Boscor and Baltescu 2014). Such learning experience will facilitate me in perusing my career within a reputed organization and will facilitate me in better decision making regarding implementation of outsourcing activities that can enhance company productivity, increased staff efficiency, risk minimization and increased employee development related with attrition rate of in-house staff.

Through attaining knowledge from the current research, I will be able to implement learning regarding technological development along with integration that can serve as a great approach for me in evaluating the challenges and advantages regarding outsourcing operations in contrast risks and challenges intensity (Schoenmaker, De Bruijn and Herder 2014). Through attaining such knowledge, I have attained the capability to realising technological benefit of outsourcing for the research will help me in developing most effective solution for business operations. The current research will facilitate me in accomplishing tasks related with the subject in a faster manner through outsourcing for the reason that with improved technology for the time consumed is less performed operations (Boscor and Baltescu 2014).

3.Objectivity within Learning Process

In the learning process regarding outsourcing, advantages and disadvantages I have gathered that outsourcing encompass certain factors including technology, human resource along with service and labour outsourcing (Boscor and Baltescu 2014). Moreover, the learning process made me realise that here are certain disadvantages and advantages of human resource outsourcing as it offers great access to evaluation of demographic barriers. The learning experience is deemed to facilitate me in dealing with certain major concerns that is faced in outsourcing functions in the organization within which I will work in future (Cesarani 2014). The learning from the current research will facilitate me in monitoring, controlling and managing all the functions that my future company will consider to outsource.

The learning process will facilitate me in recognising risks and problems that is supposed to be shared by my future company that might deal with outsourcing operations and activities. The learning has made me realise that innovation risk serves as a vital challenge for companies conducting outsourcing. I have gathered knowledge on the fact that in my career I might face a situation where my company can be highly prone to innovation risks because of sharing data to all its suppliers (Vaxevanou and Konstantopoulos 2015). Moreover, the learning process as also elaborated the fact that there exist some risk associated with innovation though synergy development. In my career, I can be capable to have enough integration of several competencies along with process innovations of my future company that might be involved in outsourcing tasks to all suppliers (Boscor and Baltescu 2014).

4.Application of Learning Process

From the current research, I have learned that the companies that are dealing with outsourcing operations and activities share the issues and risks. The learning gathered from the research will facilitate me in gaining benefits from advantages of outsourcing in my future company. I will employ the gathered knowledge from the research in my future company through risk sharing, decreasing recruitment and operational cost, gaining promptness and expertise along with focussing on major process other than the supporting ones (Fedorenko 2014). I have earned that after outsourcing the non-core activities of my future company, it will be capable to focus on its core business process and strengthen them.

I will use my learning experience from outsourcing through using its advantages in hiring employees in-house that can facilitate in decreasing operation and recruitment costs largely (Boscor and Baltescu 2014). The research on outsourcing business activities has made it clear that through outsourcing certain non-core activities my future company will be capable to concentrate its skill in advancing the key business activities along with decreasing work relationships to contractual and simple agreements. Through the current research, I have gained knowledge on the fact that I will be capable to make service offering in my company better with exceptional deliverables along with reducing lead-time that takes a product to reach to its target consumers (Boscor and Baltescu 2014). After completion of the research, I plan to implement functions such as payroll, transaction processing along with inventory management.


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