Benefits of dance Essay

Physical benefits:

I’m not one to exercise that often so me doing some kind of physical activity will contribute to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to that I think if I dance on a regular basis, it will help with weight management and increase my physical confidence. After taking the class I can already tell dancing teaches me how to have a better coordination and makes me more flexible. It also helps with my confidence and self-esteem because I have to showcase myself in front of other people. Furthermore, the bodily movement of dance will be helpful to me for reducing stress and helping with my anxiety.

Extensive research has been invested into

Intellectual benefits:

Extensive research has been invested into the benefits dancing has on mental health and research has identified that “dance and movement are known to have physical and psychological benefits for those with mental illness” (Jackson, 2004). Now I don’t have a mental illness right now, but I have suffered from depression in the past. Because dancing helps with expressing my emotions and I often find it hard to express them, it provides an opportunity to communicate my feelings.

Social benefits:

Dancing is a social activity because you engage with others dancing makes me feel more connected and social. Because I tend to be an introvert at times (extrovert only when I feel like it) this makes me get out of my cocoon more. I think these dance classes encourage me to have social bonds and friendships, which ultimately helps in improving my mood. There’s

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Emotional benefits:

I believe dancing has a lot of emotional benefits and especially helps with the way you feel about yourself. After dancing I feel excited and active and I noticed it helps me with my concentration span. For example, I can finish my work in a shorter time frame after dancing. I found out that dancing helps improve the functioning of the brain and thereby increases the ability of concentration (Tulsiyan, 2018).

As I previously mentioned dancing also lifts up my mood and can help with loneliness because I’m a part of something. The word therapy sounds frightening but taking dance as a therapy helps me enjoy the journey and at the same type the results. It keeps my mind and form fresh and makes me feel happy. Primarily, dancing to me is like a deliberation which I can enjoy whenever I like.

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