Beauty trends Essay

With the New Year starting, comes a whole array of new beauty trends but before jumping into anything new, let's all take time to reassess if some of our favorite makeup looks are up-to-date for 2019 or should be banished immediately, much like the chunky highlights of '03 and the body glitter of '04.

1. Contour Heaven

This hidden industry secret was propelled into the limelight by none other than Kim Kardashian herself, who at one point, contoured her ample cleavage as well--- we won't get into that but either way, its time to put down your contour sticks, powders, palettes, mousse and anything else that is three shades darker than your skin.

Why should you stop? Easy, it is overdone! Everyone from trendy Instagrammers to any Sorority Sister on campus has contoured her face one time or another and while the finished effect might look picture ready, it truly looks unnatural and artificial in reality.

Make Exceptions For: Special Occasions. When that big birthday bash rolls around, no one will judge you if you show up with softly contoured cheeks. Keep things looking natural and remember that beauty trends are moving away from dramatic makeup and loving simple beauty--finally.

2. Lash Extensions

2018 was a year of many beauty trends and squeezed in-between them all was Lash Extensions. This once novel procedure was documented to an inch of its life on Social Media and soon presented itself in forms that we never want to see ever again.

Why should you stop? While Lash Extensions might be a quick solution to the problem of thin lackluster eyelashes, they cause external lash damage to the root and stem. This, in turn, will result in you losing even the few strands you had in the first place.

Make Exceptions For: Natural Lengths. If you really must have lash extensions, opt for ones that don't scream "FAKE". This again follows the expected, minimalist beauty trends of 2019 which is promoting a lot of self-love, even for those sparse and small eyelashes.

3.Overdrawn Lips

This one is already out the door but extremely overdrawn lips saw a surge of popularity like no other beauty trend ever, again thanks to a Kardashian- Hi Kylie!

Why should you stop? Because even Kylie doesn't do it anymore! She made headlines in 2018 when she stated that she will be removing her lip fillers and will start to embrace her natural lip shape.

Make Exceptions For: A masterful hand. If you have watched your fair share of YouTube videos and know exactly how to create the perfect cupid bow and blend your liner with your lipstick like nobody’s business? Then, by all means, go ahead and draw that perfect pout!

We love that the New Year is saying goodbye to the dramatic and unachievable beauty trends of the last 12-months but don't get too excited since we live in the days of social media, where a trend blows up in days and disappear just as quickly!

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