BBC Product Or Services: World War II Essay


On the Stages of product/service to illustrate your design concept) please explain all the stages of product or service modification in relation to the product of service. Also on :Analysis of the impact of performance objectives on the design, this includes the five [performance objectives which are speed,cost, flexibility, dependability and quality still on the product or service.



This paper describes the various aspects of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The objective of this paper is to evaluate the BBC service in the marketplace. This paper enables to determine the BBC service, important process of the BBC service design, objective of the service process design, steps of the BBC service design concept and impact of performance objectives the service design. This paper successfully spelled out the BBC service in the current market. Indeed, the BBC is the public service broadcaster of the UK. It is a world oldest broadcasting firm. It is established under a Royal Charter and work under the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Support agreement. John Reith was the founder of the BBC and its headquarter located in London. It is funded by Annual Television License fee that is charged all companies, British households and organization kinds of equipment to receive television broadcasts. The BBC revenue comes from commercial sector of the BBC Worldwide Ltd that sells BBC services and programs abroad. The five minutes news bulletin and episodes available in BBC and iPlayer Radio are the new service of the BBC. (Bignell 2012).

Introduction of the BBC services:

Television, Radio, News, Internet, Interactive television, Music and Ceefax are the popularized service of the BBC.

Television: BBC One and BBC Two channels operates by the BBC in the United Kingdom. The BBC operates many digital stations such as BBC News, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBeebies, two children’s channels and CBBC. Digital television used in the United Kingdom. Further, BBC One is a well known TV service that provides opt-outs through the day for local news. Scotland, Northen Ireland and Scotland are carried out locally on BBC One and Two. BBC Two variations exist in the country. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Radio: The BBC has radio stations that provide services in the United Kingdom. The BBC has six stations in national level and forty station local stations. Out of ten stations, five are available on FM and AM as well as DAB. BBC Radio 1 is offering new music. BBC Radio 1 is playing adult contemporary music amongst several other genres. BBC Radio 3 is an offering classical and jazz music. BBC Radio 4 is concentrating on current affairs, factual involves drama and comedy. BBC Radio 5 Live is broadcasting 24-hour news. (Smith 2012).

News: It is one of the largest broadcasting news operations in the world that provides service to BBC domestic radio along with television networks such as BBC World News and BBC News BBC Parliament. It is developing new ways to evaluate the BBC News. At the time, 40000 pages requested per second for the BBC New website that is showing the popularity of the services. (Charlesworth 2014).

Internet: The BBC online includes archive and comprehensive news website. The website is funded through the License fee. But, they used GeoIP technology for the website. Due to internet facility, technology is growing day to day in the worldwide market that is a significant service of the BBC. Further, the center of the website is the homepage that features a modular layout. User can use modules, information and homepage as per their choice. The homepage linked with the micro-sites such as Sports, TV, Weather, Radio and BBC News Online. (Smith 2012).

Interactive television: The BBC Red Button is the popular brand for the interactive television services that available through the Freesat, Virgin Media, Unlike Ceefax, Freeview, and Sky. It is a caliber to display full-color photographs, video and graphics along with programs. (Charlesworth 2014).

Music: The popular musician the Beatles played for the BBC. It is responsible for the UK that covers the Eurovision Song Contest. It operates the division of the BBC Audiobooks that found in linked with Chivers Audiobooks. (Smith 2012).

Ceefax: The BBC provided the first teletext service that known as Ceefax. It is a becoming a popular service in the worldwide market. It presented informational pages such as Sports, Weather and News. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

The importance of the BBC service and product process design:

The BBC services established the world’s most respected voices in the abroad broadcasting. The BBC broadcasting services in 43 languages. The BBC majority staffs are based in Bush House in United Kingdom. The BBC provides services more than information and news. It is a not limited to new broadcasting while it has more product or services. They got their funds from the British government department such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office that indication the significant role of the BBC. It staffs a global network of satellite, FM and other kinds of broadcasting partners that rebroadcast data in the world. It is a significant service of the BBC that use of online and streaming media technology to broadcast through the web. The BBC provides public satisfaction through accurate and trusted figure about the provided information and news that is significant of the BBC. The BBC provides best services through its studio production processes. The BBC designs the website for the people to collect the information and news about the world that is significant services of it. It saves people time to collect information and news from any sources. So, it became popularized in the worldwide broadcasting market. (Belair-Gagnon 2015). Further, the BBC provides good quality product to their customers to raise the technology awareness in the worldwide. These are the importance of the BBC product that is described below:

It raises the productivity across all platforms. (Baade 2012).

It raises the on-air content capacity.

It raises the resiliency due to 99.99 percent availability. (Baade 2012).

Objective of service process design:

The BBC provides the abroad based services to an audience all over the world. These are the main objectives of the BBC service to process design that is described below:

Make world-class content: The BBC provides the portfolio of programs and deliver creative audience to make world class content in the world. It is a significant objective of the BBC that makes it one of the best world-class content. (El-Haik & Roy 2005).

Transform our offer to youth generation: Youth audience is the viewer of the BBC news. They help to spread the news in the community. It raises the services quality for the youth audience. They transfer the BBC offers to youth to raise the innovation in the online world that would be beneficial for the organization growth and success. (Dimitris 2012).

Develop a more personal BBC: The objective of the BBC is to collect more people to sign in for better services. They focus to develop open and collaborative behavior in the organization to raise the service quality of it. It is a significant part of the BBC to raise the personal experience of it. (El-Haik & Roy 2005).

Demonstrate value for money in every area of our work: The BBC is delivering the saving plans. Therefore, we can reinvest in strategies that is objectives of the BBC to raise the quality of the BBC service. They focus to make the BBC simpler and better place where people can work together with them. The BBC is delivering the comprehensive compare plans for the all organization in July 2015. (Sakao & Lindahl 2009).

Sustaining citizenship and civil society: It is a significant objective of the BBC services is to raise the citizenship and civil society living of standard through delivering quality service. They offer new jobs for citizenship and civil society to raise the life style of the people that is showing the social services of the BBC. (Dimitris 2012).

Connect audience to understand and interact with the variety of media: It helps people to become media literate through information technologies. It will help to engage an audience with media that is a significant objective of the BBC service. It helps audience to collect information about the media in the world. (El-Haik & Roy 2005).

Stages of the BBC product or service design concept:

The BBC developed the new service design concept for the customers through the following steps that is described below:

Understand customers & their experience: It is a first step of the BBC product or servce design concept. The BBC team tried to understand the customer through observation. The BBC analyzes that how they experience services and how they fit into lives and how to improve their services in the worldwide market. The BBC evaluates the public opinion through online research data and achieves the organizational objective and goals. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Imagine the new service scenario: The BBC defines the concept visually, clearly and find out the benefit, need and value. It focuses on that how customers interact with the BBC. The BBC adopted new creative service in their website to attract youth. They find new way to present the news and information to attract the people. People are aware with the BBC credibility of the news to attract new people. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Test services in the world: The BBC service design concept should be tested for relevant customers. They should test their service design before launch in the market because it helps to evaluate the customer requirement about the specific service. Different people have different desire or needs. So, tested is necessary to understand the people demands. (Schermerhorn 2011).

Design service and business requirements: After proven of the design concept of the BBC. The BBC should develop customer oriented business model for the new services. They should design concept requirement of the business. It is a significant design concept of the BBC.

Conduct exihibition: It is significant step of the BBC product or service design concept that sales the BBC product or service in exhibition to get people view on the specific product or service. It will help to understand people demand in the market.

Features of product or services: The BBC should produce extra features in the product or service to fulfill the differenct kinds of cosumer need or demands. The different people have a different opinion that can be fulfilled by the varieties of the product or service

Create a proposal for your company: It is the significant service design concept of the BBC. They should create proposals that how to implement the service design concept of the BBC. The BBC should consult with people through research on the specific services. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Idea generation: It is a significant last stage of the BBC. It helps to generate new idea for the varieties of product that helps to fulfill consumer demand or needs. The different people have a different opinion. So, new idea will help to manufacture product as per new customer demand.

Analysis the impact of the performance objective:

Flexibility, quality, speed, dependability and costs are the performance objectives that affect designs of the BBC service that is described below:

Flexibility: The BBC should maintain a flexible policy in broadcasting programs that would be beneficial for the long term growth. They should maintain flexible hour time to broadcast radio FM program to different viewers. (Jaipuria & Zhang 2011).

Quality: Quality of content is necessary for it. Because of it attract the customers, if they got correct and authentic content. The BBC ensures the quality of the matter that posted on the website because many people read it. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Speed: It is a significant performance objective of the BBC because it is a broadcasting company that provides news and information that require high speed in delivering news and information to an audience. (Schermerhorn 2011).

Dependability: Dependability has significant impact on performance objectives. People depend on the BBC for daily news and information. So, they should maintain authenticity and accuracy about news and information that they want to deliver to an audience. Then, an audience will be impacted on it. The BBC depends on the popular musician such as Beatles to music related broadcasting programs. So, the BBC should hire a popular musician in the company that would raise the credibility of it. (Masterson & Pickton 2014).

Cost: It is a significant impact of the performance objectives. A low cost service always attracts customers. So, the BBC should charge low fees in television, radio broadcasting programs. (Jaipuria & Zhang 2011).


On the basis of the above analysis, concluded that clarity in the BBC product or services, objective of products or service process design, steps of the BBC product design concept, significant process of the BBC and impact of performance objectives of the product design as well as high ability to adopt new technology in the BBC helps to maintain its position in the competitive market. However, the BBC is one of the fast growing companies in the worldwide due to its product or service quality. The recommendations for the BBC are described below:

The BBC should deliver the service as per client’s requirement that attract new clients in the organization.

The BBC should produce cost effective service that attract new buyer of it.

The BBC should provide update information because it deals in information sector that require latest news and information.

The BBC should provide authentic data that would raise the people trust on it.


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