Banking Essay

Retail loans are given for personal usage rather than for business purposes. It includes auto loan, personal loan, vacation loan, and home loan. MTB personal loan is simple, convenient, and quick.


• Loan amounts of taka 50",000 to taka 10",00",000

• Easy document and quick processing.

• Option for early settlement.

MTB Auto Loan

MTB offers rewarding loan fees that would enjoyably amaze the client. MTB Auto Loans are worked for most extreme speed and ability. MTB Auto Loan is accessible for financing both new and reconditioned autos.


• Loan amount of Tk 3, 00, 000 to 20, 00",000 Tk.

• Repayment of loan 12 months to 60 months.

• Competitive interest rate.

• Option for early settlement.

MTB Home Loan

Expecting to claim a own house is one of life’s most challenging task. It doesn’t matter whether it’s purchasing new house and new apartment. MTB has a wide scope of home credit choices that can be redone to your particular need. An accomplished, devoted group of specialists and a total advance bundle is set up, to meet all your lodging money needs. MTB Home Loan helps the client to fulfill their dreams.


• Loan for resident apartment/ house purchase.

• Loan amount from BDT 5",00",000/- to BDT 1",00",00",000/-

• Loan tenor from 3 to 25 years.

• Loan amount of up to 80% of property value.

Figure: MTB Home Loan

Corporate Culture of MTBL

Mutual Trust Bank is one of the most furnished banks with different corporate culture. Here MTB believe in sharing norms and values and sharing sense making. The most important things of MTB are their people can easily understand and see the events, activities objectives and situation in different way. They very smartly maintain their appearance and etiquette which suet their personality. The people in the MTB believe that they are one family where they can strongly perform together and they also believe if they keep their unity no one can harm them. The corporate culture is not earned easily rather it has been achieved corporate conduct.

Career Opportunity of MTBL

Mutual Trust Bank is an equal opportunity employer. They are offering competitive compensation packages, excellent career development programs and a friendly working environment. This section of the website will be updated as and when any job vacancies arise. And no lobbing is allowed to recruit employee. Every have to face interview session first to join MTB.

Customers services of MTBL

Proficient legitimacy and Competency, Flexibility, Determination and Dedication are the center assets that MTBL consider to be of vital significance for building a customer arranged present day saving money. Consumer loyalty is MTBL preeminent expert undertaking. Thusly, a fulfilled customer is MTBL valuable item and they consider the MTBL diplomat in the market.

Part 4

My job of Mutual Trust Bank Limited

At Dhanmondi Brunch


I have completed my internship program on Mutual Trust Bank on Dhanmondi Brunch. During my internship program I had a lot of fun and lot of memories. All though I had a lot of memories but most important things I have learned is how to work under different situation. This practical experience helps me to develop and prepare me before entering into the corporate world. The things that I have learn at Mutual Trust Bank are

 How to take responsibilities

 Necessity of commitment

 Punctuality and Regularity

 Ability to sort different people at different situation.

Mutual Trust Bank has always ready to give internship opportunities for its internees. During the internship period all rules and regulations are strictly followed. In my internship period I have perform mainly three departments those are

• General Banking

• Cash Department

• Foreign Exchange Department.

General Banking

I have spent most of the time in the general banking section. I have learned many things from general banking section such as, how to open individual account, Non-individual account, and DPS. I have also learned how to fill up the form and KYC, TP etc. General banking is the starting point of all banking sector. It’s generally taking deposits and also provides other supplementary services Such as I have also issue Pay order. If the client have the account of mother brunch then a certain amount has charged or if the client have a account of other brunch then 250/- has charged. I have also issue cheque book. MTBL generally follow special Software. The entire task has done automatically on this software. The name of this software is FLORA and MNet. As an intern in the MTBL there was other a number of activities in which I was involve. I have done many works in flora such as, update customers phone number, address, and other information. I also provided clients bank statements.

Cash Department

In my internship program my work was not confined to the general banking but I also worked in the cash department. My task in the cash department was collecting bill of different school and collect those slip. After collecting slip I have counted all the amount of the slip and then match the counting amount of excel amount.

Foreign Exchange Department

I have learned many things from foreign exchange department. Such as how to open L/C. Important documents require to open L/C. The procedures of dollar endorsement. If any product is sent to the other country to our country then officer match all the information. My Job was after match all the information officer told me to entry all the information of register Khata properly.


My three months internship period was really amazing. People there are really amazing and talented. The things I have noticed and observe here are:

 Work is never left or pending for the next day.

 The working process could be made faster with better operating system and intra net working system.

 A good job performance is always praised which help employees to motivate them self.

 There are always a huge number of customers on this brunch that’s why officers are always busy here.

 The work activities are assigned to the employees individually.

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