"Back to the Future 3" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

So, finally, we can see the end is already a favorite of all the franchise "Back to the Future." "Back to the Future 3" is separate from the entire trilogy film, because, in fact, it's a western. And this fact makes the film completely different. Although he did not love less, just not the same as the previous part.
This picture fortunately removed by the same director Robert Zemeckis. All of this franchise was one of the few really good of his films. After all, at the beginning of his career, he took a lot of good pictures, but then somehow did not work out. The script for "Back to the Future 3" written by the same people as usual - Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. In my opinion, and in this part they too will succeed. The technical side is a very good - good camera work, excellent scenery, costumes, etc. And since it's a western, it is made in the best traditions of the genre. A lot of scenes reminiscent of the good old stories about Clint Eastwood. All this looks very funny, but with the professionalism of shares. Some shooting angles, perhaps even surprised me - it looks better than the first two. The movie also liked and bought the same success. And also, in general, the film has received positive critical acclaim. Box office exceeded all expectations.
talk about the plot. He is, shall we say, not quite normal for the "Back to the Future." In this movie, Marty pushed a bit into the background. And although he is still the main character, but still in the center of the picture Emmett Brown. After all, he is experiencing is a romantic story, almost the first in his life. And I'm glad that finally Christopher Lloyd first appeared in a scene with a kiss for all of his considerable career. And it was quite a good start ... I think that the story itself is inferior to the first two parts of the franchise. Perhaps there are fewer unexpected twists, dynamism. But you can not say it's a bad story and a bad scenario, it is still good, but worse than the previous ones. I would say that it is just different. The good news in this part of what Marty finally gets rid of the principle: "No one dares to call me a coward," which, in general, saves his life, but I will not tell you more - I do not want to spoil. Not always we need to be led by its principles, it is necessary to think a head to think about the future. In this part, we revealed the essence and meaning of the whole franchise - it is the future of multivariate, it is not written by anyone and any of us can change it. This is a really good show. Besides, this movie teaches compassion, kindness, self-sacrifice, courage, courage, sincere love, and so much more, all this can be listed for a long time.
The main character Marty McFly slightly pushed into the background, as I have already said. The first two parts of "Back to the Future," based on the principle "have time or do not have time", that is, time was limited. There is no haste, though, of course, there are certain periods in which to invest. In "Back to the Future 3» Marty is not as dynamic, agile, but here it seems to be more mature adults. It goes into his hands and does not make it less attractive. But above all, Marty wants to save his friend, he goes into the future, not knowing how to get out, draws its life - is doing everything to save the Doc
Dr. Emmett Brown, who is in the center of the action taking place.. We see it a hopeless romantic, who falls in love at first sight, that did not believe in love, and then fell back with his head.
Also important character is Clara Clayton. It is quite proud, intelligent adult woman. Clara also falls in love with Doc, but that it does not stop in front of the county. She is interested in Jules Verne. Her way of professionally registered, there is nothing wrong with that, except, perhaps, pride. But you can not say that it really is so bad quality. It is almost perfect.
How to choose the cast I liked it, although Michael J.. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in a sense reversed roles. As played by actress Mary Steenburgen I also liked, she did a fine job with the role. In this film, compared to the previous ones, pushed the actress Lea Thompson, and although it is present as prapraprababushki, but flashes in the background.
Musical accompaniment is much better. Since this is a western, as here there are guns, duel, shoot-outs and love the music at a good level. It is very suitable for this style. Perhaps the three parts in this music the best, but the plot plays.
It is unfortunate that much-loved trilogy ends. Want more and more, though, and sometimes you need to stop, then to not be worse. Of this franchise is very much to be learned, but the basic meaning I have already said. "Back to the Future" - that's what watching, watching and will watch. Sad to say goodbye to the franchise. Still, it is the third part will not enter into the list of my favorite films, unlike the previous ones, because it loses a little of the story. But this is only my taste, it is not worse, it is just different. Therefore:
9 of 10

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