Autonomic And Secure Computing: Application Development Essay


Discuss about the Autonomic and Secure Computing for Application Development.



The application discussion about the development and the testing through the proper capturing of the save log entry button about the chicken entry with proper date and the log data. This app has been mainly for the handling of the records for the data values for the different species.

Review list

A proper review from the client side has been done on the JQuery Mobile, Java Script, HTML5 and CSS.

For the server side, there has been a use of the JavaScript as well as the node server which is set for the different node package. The Mongo Database has been important for the properly handling of the mobile devices. Through this, the JavaScript is able to store the data in the mongb database in the MongoLab cloud server with the use of the middleware node express.

Considering the basis for the log data and the data entry, there have been records for the scientific data values with the different species of the chicken. This includes the Show Log Entries button that has a related page with the proper list of the date and time with proper chicken entries. (Wang et al., 2013). Hence, these are for the recording of the apps with the proper testing.

The app has been tested through the use of the Safari, Firefox, and the Chrome Browser with the proper testing on the Android and the Iphone mobile device.

The client side has been set for the proper testing of the home page view and the chickens view for the data treatment. A proper chicken log view has been based on the treatment of the page header which is pressed depending upon the date and the time. (Chodorow, 2013). The structure includes the testing and storage of the chicken log values as per the records and the log entries that have been done. There have been acquiring of the locally saved logs with the lists that are for the viewing now Get Logs button.


The testing is based on the implementation through the use of the HTML5 and the CSS with JQuery Mobile App. The app has been important for the individual chicken which exists for the species and the proper ID number that has been for the record of the data and the other determination of how the performance of the chicken is compared to the others. The proper image and the view needs to implement the refined process with the CSS style based factors.

The database used has been effective for the ad hoc queries and the supporting of the field and the range queries. (Faraz et al., 2014). This includes the indexing with the proper embedding of the documents which consist of the primary and the secondary indices.

Financial Analysis

As per the analysis, there have been assumptions based on the fully fledged Chicken log applications with the proper functionality. For the 10 users, there have been 1000 users and the other have 10000 users. With the development cost and time, there have been time which cost for the $100/hour which is for the, then there will be for the 10 users approx. there has been use of the mongolabs service with the storing of the treatment Logs entries which are for the proper proposal entry which is 10 entries for the employees in a month.

This is the free and the open source cross platform which has been document oriented based on the database programs. Hence, with this there have been relational structure in JSON with the proper dynamic schemas for the integration of the data. (Abdalla et al., 2015).

The marketing campaign includes the less entries for the lesser users, with the more options for the higher number of the users. This can be helpful with the asking customer for the referrals and the offering of the free samples and the product services for the users.


The application has been for the chicken, date, time and the proper analysis of the web service API. This includes the treatment for the node serve code which consists of the server.js and the other business logic with the common utility of the functions as well as the configuration of the network information. the server.js includes the expressing of the middleware with the proper creation of the server and the router to route the web service API to the handler code. This is mainly for the writing of the JSON data to the mongodb.


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