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Australia is a country surrounded by islands and ranked the sixth largest country worldwide. It is a rich country sourcing its wealth from various industries like mining, manufacturing plants of both communication and transport industry, agricultural produce processing, urban and rural sector, health, banking and finance and so forth (Francis, 2015). It can be mistakably judged that the country’s growth rate relatively matches its size but comparatively economic analysis proves otherwise that the GDP per capita is steadily hitting the peak of the mountain consequently poverty rates are at the low rate (Gorecki, 2010). The driving force of these advancements is due to improvements in the technology department for instance in communication top Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Oppo, Vivo and other brands have been trying tirelessly to outrun the other from the market. This paper will provide a general critique of the Smartphone market in Australia as well as provide a brief discussion on the same.

Discussion on Smart Phone Industry in Australia

According to Gorecki 2010, Samsung and apple are battling a close range clash sale in the Australian market. Apple is still people’s favorite but consumers are also taking change stubbornly to android devices like Samsung. Upgrading from their previous phones may also be determined by the cost of the new gadgets to competitive comparative smart phones that are inexpensive especially the Chinese brands (Clark, 2000). The yarn of getting better products compared to their current one is a notable fact and understanding that both brands need to keep in mind. Samsung is leading profitably though not with a huge margin but still that’s making it stand out. Its variety sleek features is also driving it to notice ability by its faithful customers and also new clients that and positively adhering to change.

Samsung’s compatibility to any other android phones makes transfer of information from one phone to another easy (Smith, 2016). Therefore iPhone users have to do away items like chargers, earphones, cases, apps and other accessories that are incompatible and however take along the few transferable ones but it will be a hustle of various procedures. However this makes android a more preferable people’s choice (Baldwin, 2000). They are easy to use comparative to iPhone that always come up with hidden icons in apps therefore taking long time to get absolutely conversant with it.Even though android are easy application familiarity experience one has to take note that they use open software systems thus making it exposed to cyber insecurities and viruses(Yoshikawa, 2011). In order to curb this menace immediately one acquires an android phone or iPod its best to download an antivirus application to frequently scan the device of any threats.

Androids have a time conscience capability every time whether during charging or at locked screen unlike I phones. Making they even better are the inbuilt sensors when the phone is engaged at any motion (Spoonauer, 2017). In addition android have unlimited and free storage space thereby making management of files pocket friendly and good organizational skills of applications. In addition Samsung is one company that is systematic at its motives and comes up with a strategy to go around this (Miller, 2017). Expansion of operations and competitiveness this android company heavily invests in machinery, tools, labor and technology thus doing what other companies can hardly risk involve doing (Grobart, 2013). Unlike other brands, Samsung values quality over quantity to spearhead this it concentrates on quality control and management and also the working conditions of all its employees.

The value Samsung has over it employees is so admirable. Each factory station works under a musical sooth specifically chosen by psychologists it is believed that it helps reduces stress levels and increase performance (Thomas, 2012). Work overall is also personally chosen according to preferences. Employees also enjoy the rejuvenating facilities offered to them such as fitness centers, sleeping dormitory, libraries, and coffee joints. With all these at their disposal high level of competence and efficiency to perform is required of them. Consequently, employees are also given a platform to voice out ideas and suggestions that bring about cost and time saving they are then rewarded with bonuses for this (Smith, 2016). Samsung deals with failure fast and personally if a manufacturing fault is detected it would not mind to them how many have already been made with the faults or area for distribution to they would immediately be destroyed and replaced.

The Smartphone Mobile Industry Usage Data

Both I-phone and android companies are taking a different approach of testing their markets and determining its flexibility (Grobart, 2013). Apple is taking a few uniquely designed approach whereas Samsung is doing it all manufacturing phones that are same but slightly different in the outside appearance and internal capabilities. Samsung makes this fast production of different device possible by studying their market and filling gaps experienced by the customers from previous devices and their future expectations (Clark, 2000). The one thing that Samsung has failed to outsmart its major competitor apple is the control of software which run on iOS in tablets and smart phones. IOS is an incorporation of both software and hardware systems and devices to work together. This high quality standard of systems has challenged Samsung to establishing a software development center which processes memory chips and cameras for both their products and others sold to other firms. But it’s frustrating to have a company that does not meet the apples software standards.


2016 units

2016 market share

2015 units

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It can be observed that android captured an 80% in 2016 and an estimating 77% in the previous year with a growth rate of 3.2%.The entry of more devices is set to increase competition in the markets (Baldwin, 2000). The quarter system of market analysis indicates that apple returned to its no 1 slot not only as a top Australian Smartphone vendor but also a global brand. The only discouraging facts are that the difference in margins are pretty narrow and can easily be overthrown by competitive brands.

According to “The Sydney Morning Herald” by Hannah Francis 2015,android phones are breaking grounds in Australia with more than half percent of sales and its rival apple having a fall back of 41% and the resulting 5% constituted sales generated windows phone (Spoonauer, 2017). Nevertheless, these analyses do not dispute the fact apple still remains to be a suitable clientele choice and with this it’s still hopeful to attain its top rank over android. IPhone has released some of its new brands with a hope of getting back its glory but this only lasts a short while thus only means that these moves are just dubious and even better strategies need to be implemented by apple (Dixon, 2010). They have even considered taking note of price decrement on their phones in order to equivalent its competition with android.


Conclusively, with the head to head contest of launching new phones one after the other, Apple took the initiative to the release high-end quality smart phones that emerged successful and dominant in the market. However, it had to launch many promotional marketing strategies to be able to take a majority of sales in local markets of Australia. Apparently, the previous market dominance of iPhone was attributed to lack of competitive brands and unique apps stores such as i-tunes; but this is clearly not the case now. Consequently, the android application smart phones in Australian marketing took to reveal its next target in wearable’s challenging the apples smart watch.


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