Augmented And Virtual Reality In Healthcare Essay


Discuss About The Augmented And Virtual Reality In Healthcare?



Technology has become an integral element in every business sector. Healthcare is one industry that has witnessed and enhanced application of technology. ABC is a healthcare organization that is a start-up and works in the areas of providing health services to the community members. It primarily works with the senior citizens to enable them to experience easy and advanced health services.

Existing Technology and Trends

ABC is a healthcare organization that is making use of the traditional medical practices with the amalgamation of technology. For instance, there are applications that are being used in the organization to provide remote and tele-health monitoring services to the patients. However, there are issues such as difficulty to provide the health services to the increased amount of patients due to limited staff members, use of obsolete practices in certain areas and likewise.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is also referred as the computer-mediated reality that provides a live direct or indirect image and view of the real-data. The elements in this case are augmented with the aid of computer generated sensory inputs (Mackay, 2011).

Virtual reality on the other hand is a technology that makes use of virtual reality headsets in order to generate the images and other content that is not real (Vrs, 2017).

Problem Statements and Benefits

There are currently many issues that are associated with the organization to improve upon the health services that are provided to the patients in terms of ease of services, advanced health solutions etc.

These problems can be solved by the use and application of augmented and virtual reality. The following benefits may be provided as a result:

  • The medical professionals and team members may use the virtual systems to interact with the distant patients in an interactive environment (Carson, 2015).
  • These technologies may also be used in the process of diagnostics for faster results.
  • Augmented technology may be used to provide health education to the patients to adopt healthy practices. The common health issues and their solutions may also be provided through the medium (Augmentedrealitytrends, 2014).
  • The technology may be used by the medical team members for looking in the veins of the patients to extract the blood which may be difficult otherwise with the senior citizens.
  • There are devices that have been invented using augmented reality to enhance vision and other imparities.

Recommendations & Conclusions

There are various technological advancements that have taken place in the recent times. These advancements are required to be analyzed and shall be adapted as per the necessity of an organization. In case of the ABC organization, the use of technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality can result in numerous benefits and resolution of the issues that are present. There are tools and devices that have been developed with the aid of augmented and virtual realities to make sure that the medical and healthcare industry experiences and involve latest elements of technology in all of its activities.


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