Attitude And Diversity In Workplace Essay


Discuss about the Attitude and Diversity in Workplace.


An insight into workplace cultural diversity

Within a workplace, different employees are employees for achieving successful completion of the business projects. As a matter of specification, the employees belong to different socio-cultural backgrounds. However, the aspect of cultural diversity in workplace attains different connotations in developed and underdeveloped countries[1]. This assignment, through the reference of the movie, Manufactured Landscape, enhances the perceptions of the businesspersons towards the maintenance of workplace culture for attaining professional development.

Relation between the movie and the actual workplace scenario

“Seeing the world as a manufactured landscape” provides an altogether different concept to the aspect of the workplace culture. The depiction of the constructions in the movie is merely a part of the vast workplace operations conducted by the businesspersons. The phrase, “bombed landscape” destroys the integrity of the workplace culture. The word “bombed” relates with the aspect of conflicts, discriminations and harassments among the employees in the workplace, represented the word “landscape”[2].

Intentional breakage of the integrity, coordination and unity of the workplace reflects the unwillingness towards maintaining the workplace culture. This mentality makes the employees unfit within the workplace environment, nullifying the training. “New way of thinking” can be considered as the need for innovations in terms of preserving the workplace culture. “Thinking” can be enhanced through the exposure of the employees towards different practical and theoretical examples in the form of trainings[3].

Hofstede’s cultural dimensions prove apt in this discussion. Assessment of provided power helps the personnel to examine their position in the workplace environment. Herein lays the collaboration with the dimension of individualism. Delving deep into the aspect, this assessment can also be considered as a comparative assessment of individualism and collectivism in terms of the professionalism of the employees. Attachment of short term and long term goals in the assessment reflects the effectiveness and appropriateness of the exercized power[4].

The reference of China in the movie is a part for the whole in terms of the workplaces as a whole. Import of the raw materials from the neighboring countries aligns with the workplace activities for expansion of business[5]. As a matter of specification, the workplace activities are diversified in nature. For their successful completion, employees from different social and cultural backgrounds are needed, so that the business activities can be done in an efficient and effective manner. Herein, the dialogue, “new way of thinking” can be applied, as it generates a feeling of innovation for maintaining the workplace culture in terms of enhancing the reputation[6].


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