ATS1298 Professional Writing Essay


Examine the following sentences and then dot point lists: what’s amiss (wrong)?

She was a prolific author of poems, short stories, novels, and writing screenplays.

Father was very busy gathering the laundry, dusting the furniture and he washed the dishes.

Skills and interests:

• computer programming
• calligraphy
• taking wildlife photographs
• scuba-diving
• visiting art galleries and museums

Students successfully completing this unit will be able to:

1. Identify and use appropriate English in written and oral contexts;
2. Effective documents and presentations planning and design;
3. Understand and apply essential features of English usage (grammar and structure) in writing and editing documents, and preparing and delivering oral presentations;
4. Communicating your academic and other abilities through effective job application letters and resumes;
5. Identify expectations of communication based on understanding of different professional audiences and contexts and apply these in documents and presentations;
6. Understand and apply basic principles of information gathering and research (such as short online surveys) in professional contexts through practical assignments.



I would like to inquire more about the interesting job position of technical writer offered at PWJOBADS by index consultants. I think that particular job position interests me because it demands a huge research and writing. I am a tech savvy person and I think I will be able to take up all the responsibilities associated with this position. This position needs a huge amount of writing on daily basis to explain the new inventions taking place or any other technological advancement that is taking place within the company. I think that I am capable enough to take up this responsibility. I have a huge interest in writing. I am also ready and open to face any kinds of challenges that might crop up in the job field. Apart from this, I am much willing to take up any training that might be needed to develop the apt skill and knowledge for this job position. I am ready to meet the daily targets and deliver my best.

I have successfully completed my English course at the University of Western Australia. I have gained a good command over English and I can easily write any piece of technical writing in an error-free manner. I think that I can handle the job responsibilities for this position properly because I have an analytical mindset. I know how to perform an extensive research before I take up writing about any particular topic. I have also successfully completed the 3-year degree course in technical studies from the La Trobe University. I have gained sufficient knowledge in almost all the technical fields. I was also successfully placed at a content writing and company in Australia. During the interview, I had to demonstrate the skills that I gained in the fields of technical writing. I had to demonstrate my skills in intensive research writing, analyzing the market trends in the past year regarding the launch of any new products or inventions in the field of technology. This has also helped me to gain a good knowledge of the art of teamwork and the ability to work under pressure.

I have always been very dedicated and committed employee in my past organization. It is because of my dedication and commitment to learning that I have always been able to achieve good marks in all my academic levels. I also have a good team working spirit within myself. I know how to adapt to the changes that might crop up in the workplace. As I was also associated with many freelancing jobs before this I have gained a good knowledge of independent work. I have been able to form the accountability within myself. As I have worked as a team leader in my last company I have also been able to acquire some leadership skills within myself.

Situation-It was in my previous office. There was a very important meeting that was about to be conducted. All of a sudden we got the news that our boss will not be able to come up for the meeting. All the employees became very nervous and had no idea how to manage the work. Many foreign clients were about to come to that meeting. I knew that somehow or the other we have to get this deal.

Task- I arranged for a video calling session through Skype and brought our boss online I also contacted our assistant manager who might help us during such problems. I thought that this would be very benefitting as Boss will help in giving us all the valuable tips that we might need on the final day. This was very helpful for all of us.

Action- I also motivated all the employees to stay calm and focus on their work. I agreed to do over time and contact some other fellow colleagues. We gave all the effort and create a very good presentation and the clients were very happy with us. We got the deal.

Result-My boss was very happy with me and I was awarded the most proactive employee award. This is one of the important events that happened in my job life. I was also nominated for the post of promotions. I was the youngest employee to be included in that list. I got a lot of appreciations from my boss, assistant managers, colleagues and also all other fellow co-workers as well. I was promoted within a very short time. I was also nominated with the future leadership award due to my exceptional skill of managing the tough and difficult situation.


  • 1999 to 2008 studied at Ascham School
  • Completed schooling with grade A at every exam of each Academic year

2008 to 2010

  • Studied English reading and writing Skill University of Western Australia
  • Learned technical studies through the 3 years degree course La Trobe University

Achievements in college

  • Got the best students award
  • Winner of creative writing

Other activities

  • Arranged for many group activities at both the school and college level
  • Took part in many team activities
  • Worked as a college campus recruiting ambassador

Languages that are known

  • Proficient in English (Reading, speaking, and writing)
  • Proficient in Spanish (speaking)


  • Leadership, team working spirit, accountability, commitment, punctuality
  • Additional courses learned
  • A diploma course in IT and software for six months
  • A diploma course in Spanish language interpreting and writing
  • A diploma course in client handling and client dealing


  • Browsing the internet, searching the modern technological updates and innovations, taking the online test in Spanish reading and writing,
  • Appearing the self-personality determining tests online of creative writing during the free time

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