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Describe about Some aspects of Australian Culture?


Ethics and Culture

Marriot hotel, culture and ethics

Marriot Hotel is well known in the industry and very well known that they will have to look for ways by which they can sustain their reputation in the market. The management of Marriot hotel ensures that they follow strict cultures and ethics and at the same time, the same ethics and values are passed on to the employees as well. This helps the organization to strictly adhere to the ethics and culture that has been set by the top management. Few of the ethical and cultural values that have been set by the management are discussed below.

Guest service is a priority for the management of Marriot hotel and hence, the business principles will talk about the guest service that will be provided to any guest. The employment policies, supply chain, environmental policies and human rights policies are documented. Human rights are also well taken care by the management of Marriot. Human trafficking is very common problem in many corners of the world so Marriot has tied up with different NGOs so that they can help the people in need (Marriot 2015).

Culture incorporated in hotel

Culture is incorporated in various business areas of hotel so few of the areas wherein culture matters the most are discussed below.

Culture creates an impact on the hiring of the hotel industry. It is very important for the management to hire people who will be able to adjust to the changing environment and also the existing culture of the management. Even if the employee is too good but the culture is not sync with the existing culture then they cannot be hired.

While interacting with customers, the employees will have to adhere to strict cultural norms. It is very important for the employees to ensure that they try and understand the culture of the guest so that the guests are happy with the service that they service.

The management will have to ensure that the culture of the employees is in sync with the culture of the management. The management will have to design the training program as per the culture of the employees otherwise the employees will not be open enough to learn new things.

Incorporation of ethics in hotels

It is very important for the management of hotels to incorporate ethics among the employees so that all the employees can be in sync with that of each other. Few of the ways by which ethics can be incorporated among the employees are discussed below.

Training is one of the best ways by which the employees can be incorporated with the ethics of the organization. Apart from that, the manager can also incorporate ethics among the employees. If the employees aren’t in sync with the trained culture then it is responsibility of the immediate managers to point this to the employees. Most of the employees may not take the classroom training seriously so the immediate manager will have to help the employees to understand the importance of culture. This can be considered as on-the-job training (Eli Broad College of Business n.d.).

Intercultural differences

Countries with high indulgences

Few of the countries that have high indulgence are as follows: -


El Salvador

Countries with low indulgence

Few of the countries with low indulgence are as follows: -



Egypt (Target Map, 2014)

Policies in indulgent culture

If a hotel is present in indulgent culture then they the management of the hotel will have to ensure that the policies are in sync with the culture of the country. Few of the things that need to be taken care by the hotels in indulgent cultures are discussed below.

The management of the hotel can offer plenty of services to the customers. They can offer services like spa, beauty massage, play ground and others. People in indulgent culture believe in enjoying the moment rather than that of thinking if a particular service is right or wrong.

Leisure is a very important factor that will motivate the customers to come to the hotel. If the management thinks that they can offer services of average quality so that they can offer the products at the best price. This will not be acceptable in a society that is indulgent. Customers from the indulgent customers would be more than happy to pay extra for the better quality services that anyone can get.

People in indulgent culture would be interested to play sports and hence, the hotels can have special arrangements for sports like cricket, golf, badminton and other outdoors. Inclusion of sports in the services provided by the hotels should not be an option.

Policies in restrained environment

A hotel in restrained culture should ensure that the policies of the hotel should be in sync with the culture of the culture. Few of the things that need to be considered by a hotel in restrained culture are discussed below.

The hotel management should consider the service that they will be offering to the customers. The customers in restraint culture will think twice before they opt for any service. For example, if spa service is offered by a hotel in restrained culture then the customers may consider various cultural factors that come into picture and hence, it is the responsibility of the management to consider these things. Similarly, if a hotel is present in Pakistan then they need to remember the food items that will be preferred by people and the food items that the customers won’t include in their food.

People from restrained culture will be very conscious about the price that they will be paying for the services that they render from the hotel. The hotel will have to offer quality food and services so that the customer can come to the restaurant. If the management thinks that they can charge a bit higher and offer services that are better in price then they will have to remember that they will be able to attract only niche customers in the country.

People from restrained culture will not be very keen about sports. If the hotel has special arrangements for sports then the customers will not enjoy it and hence, this will just be an additional expense which may not generate any revenue (Hofstede 2011).

Cultural Attributes of Australia

Cultural diversity in Australia

Cultural diversity in Australia is very high and hence, it cannot be ignored even when one tries to. Few of the things that will point out the cultural diversity in the country are discussed below.

Looking at the statistics, it is seen that every 1 minute and 29 seconds, a migrant arrives in Australia. People from different corners of the world are present in Australia and hence, it is merely impossible to have a culture that is purely Australian only. Apart from the migrants in the country, it is seen that the ancestors of more than 75% of the Australians today was not Australian. These people may be an integral part of Australia but they have a different set of cultural norms which they try to follow.

Australia has a population of 22 million people and it is merely impossible to maintain a uniform culture throughout the country. These 22 million people in the country speak about 400 different languages (Originsinfo 2014).

Marketing of Australian Culture

There are various things in Australia which will attract the people to a hotel. Few of the cultural components that can be marketed so that more and more people are willing to be a part of the event are discussed below.

Australia is a country wherein people from different corners of the world are present so this can be used as a marketing point so that people from different cultures can feel safe in the country. Domestic visitors in the country can consider this festival as an opportunity to meet different kind of people and be a part of the festival.

Easygoing attitude of the Australians should be marketed as this is one thing that people from a conservative culture would like. Australian prefers to keep their personal and professional life separate. The tourists can be rest assured that no one will ask personal questions to the tourists and at the same time, no one will also offer advice. Advice is normally given Australians to someone only when the other person asks for (Academic Skills Unit n.d.).

Marketing strategy for Australian Tourism

Marketing strategies for attracting tourists to an Australian hotel are discussed below.

People from all over the world know Australia for Kangaroos and hence, that can be included in the marketing strategy.

All the beautiful places in Australia should be included in the marketing plan as this will motivate people to visit hotel and also other parts of Australia.

People from different cultures of Australia will be included in the marketing. This will help the visitor to get an idea about the diversified culture in Australia.

It is the responsibility of the management of the hotel to ensure that people from different corners are happy when they visit Australia. Their experience and satisfaction in Australia can be recorded and used for the purpose of marketing. This will help in attracting more audience for the festival.


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