Asia Grand Restaurant Essay


1. Write about how Asia Grand Restaurant position itself in the Singapore's F&B industry.

2. Write about the core competencies and the competitive advantages of the restaurant.



Asia Grand Restaurant is one which is located in Odeon Towers present in the N Bridge Road in Singapore. It was formerly located at the Asia Grand Hotel, and it has been relocated to the Odeon Towers now. The restaurant is a Cantonese-based restaurant and provides high-quality food to its customers.

Positioning of the restaurant

The Asia Grand Restaurant positions itself as a high-quality restaurant in the Cantonese food segment and Chinese food segment which provides value for money. Due to this factor, it invites a lot of locals regularly to come to the restaurant and also invites traditional Cantonese lovers to visit this place. The Value for money factor matched with high quality food puts it above competitor restaurants. It also provides a buzzing environment for the visitors due to the huge crowds that fill the places which makes people pre-book their tables to avoid confusion at the end.

The Restaurant also operates with a speciality food which is quite famous in different parts of the day for them. The lunch meal is distinct from a dinner special which provides an exclusive feel to the customers. On a whole, it is positioned as a client centric, value based restaurant which makes them have many revisits. (16Ma)

Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages

The core competencies and competitive benefits of Asia Grand Restaurant have kept it going for quite a long time. The first advantage that they have is the food in itself. With a speciality like a Peking duck, a dim sum which can be found in the reviews of many people, the restaurant has stuck to its strong Cantonese ethics. The second advantage that the restaurant has is the staff. Individuals who work in the organisation take it forward also, and this stands right for this group. The small team and their tireless work ethics have levitated this restaurant. Their competitive advantage lies in the fact that for such a quality of food they can price it at such low rates which allow customers to visit them on a regular basis. Also, the have quite some positive reviews and in the case of other feedback, the restaurant tries to work on it and better it the next time. This is an ideal feature in them. An additional feature to the quality part is that their servings are also quite big which adds to the enrichment in the feedback given by the customers. Due to these factors, there is a very high customer satisfaction for this place. (16Ma1).


From the above discussions, we observe that the Asia Grand Restaurant has been a frequented place by customers because of their value based pricing, quality food, variety in the menus and a very friendly and humble set of people working for them. The restaurant boasts over its competitors because of its customers believing in its quality and also the buzz that is present indicates how much the place is ideal for more new customers to frequent.


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