Article about women Essay

Woman is just a word to spell but when we turn back and see her actions through ages we really understand what a woman really is.

Being men it gives me a great privilege to write an article about women. By seeing her I can tell that she is an amazing and marvelous creation of god who in turn creates and makes way for success of men. A woman ensures that her husband is served with his preferred taste coffee in the morning, prepares breakfast and sends him to work with a smile on her face to make sure her husband gets a good start.

When we look back at 3rd century AD, where women was not allowed to rise questions or speak against men and had no right to live after her husband is dead, This inhumane ritual was known as "Sati" which intentionally not only burned her but also her dreams alive.

Coming to present, a friend shares her experience that she faces in this society. She being a only daughter in a joint family with 2 brothers does not get equal opportunity like her male siblings does and is almost neglected in the eyes of her relatives which make her feel miserable about it. During her childhood she was discouraged and taunted by her teachers and friends in school which had hurt her feelings, this went up to an extent where she stopped going to school for some days keeping all the taunts, disappointments within herself. Often she was punished for brothers mistakes by her parents all this incidents made her vulnerable but it did not stop her from trying, she tried in fact tried harder to come out of it all and now pursuing her masters and has plans to do PHD and serve the same society.

We refer India in feminine terms as she, her and other such words, for a matter of fact India stands as one of the most successful countries of this century. for India's growth even women has equally strived hard like her male counterpart but still has not got exposure like men does. Male dominance is not only the problem in India but the same scenario prevails all over the world in one or the other way.

World is developing day by day economically, politically ",technologically and even socially involving women in all the aspects of it. however we still find differences among men and women, for instance in a work place a women is not paid as much as her male counterpart for doing the same job, one should not forget that women is equally important as men.

Recent years in India is a breakthrough for women, Sushma swaraj has done wonders in the role of External Minister of India by securing healthy relations with other nations. Defense Minister Nirmala sitaraman became the second woman defense minister of India after Indira Gandhi, she has brought in many reforms in the field of Defense, Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic Boxer who is the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the seven world championships. P V Sindhu is an Indian professional badminton player. She became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal and one of the two Indian badminton players to ever win an Olympic medal – the other being Saina Nehwal, and the list goes on.

It is good to leave women herself; there is no need of man’s surveillance on her. She has her plans ready and can execute them effectively by herself. The only thing she expects from a man is his love and affection.

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