Art painting Essay

PEINCIPLES in Art are those number one agelineser-d truths, based on or deduced from widely wide-spread laws, which lead no longer most effective to fts a hit exercise, however to a more complete and simply appreciation each of Nature and Art.' ' Principles make us more susceptible of the splendor of Nature, and the energy of Art in representing her ; of what's essential to splendor, whether or not advanced within the greater noble productions of the pencil, or in all of the varied objects, useful or ornamental, with which we're surrounded.' 216. As those legal guidelines of Nature are best, and as from these our concepts are deduced, we undertake a true widespread by means of which to check Art works, pretty independent of style or the dictum of lack of understanding. The laws of material splendor can only be observed by way of figuring out the legal guidelines of the Divine thoughts within the reality of making, or by means of a observe of the manifestation of these Divine operations in what we call Nature. We will consider a case in example of what has simply been said, via supposing that we wish to design any simple object, say a candlestick ; and to make our paintings of layout-ing quite simple and clean",we need to first enunciate some legal guidelines which we invariablyfind in Nature, after which apply them to our paintings. R 1st. It is a law of Nature that the whole thing meant for carrier has a sure length and character described for it aicncgordto the reason for which it's far destined. 2d. It is a law of Nature that, in matters of use, moernatis an addition, and secondary to application " in no way a cpiripan-l or chief. FIG. 103. Third. Natural decoration is continually in harmony with the thingto which it is applied. Now, we've got right here 3 laws that allows you to to a few extent guide us within the designing and ornamenting of our candlestick. First, we require a socket to maintain the candle, and a base, that it can stand properly",as in Tig. 102 ; but as we can also wish to transport it, we have to have convenience for doing so, and we upload a deal with as a consequence(Fig. 103) ; or we might also wish the light to b3 held well up, in which case we prolong the shaft, and so shape the pinnacle of it as to defend it from grease or walking wax, and as we've got now a shaft to take hold of, Ave donot require a manage (Fig. 104) ; however if it's miles meant to be carried about, we had better upload a screen, as in Fig. One hundred and five. We have as a result conformed to this first regulation of Fitness",and now that our candlestick will do its work properly, we might also continue to add that by using Avhich it'll do it gracefullyalso, viz. Ornament. Before we will do this correctly",however, we have to don't forget the material of which the candlestick is to FIG. 104. FIG. 105. Be made, whether or not of metallic, consisting of silver",or of clay",such as china, as a layout suitable for the one can be pretty incorrect for the alternative. In the former material we can also add a great deal to the lightnessand beauty by way of various the thickness of the shaft and the shape of the bottom, as inside the tough cartoon (Fig.106); but this would be pretty wrong if produced in china " a material so easilybroken. On

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