Art history Essay

Memi and Sabu vs Gudea Statues 2

We know that a long time ago in ancient times not as many people could read and write

like in today's times. In those early times they would use paintings or sculptures to tell a story or

express something that everyone could understand. We are going to compare and contrast two

ancient statues in this essay.

Our first statue is the Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu. Approximately dated around

2575-2465 BC, made during the 4th Egyptian Dynasty. This statue is made from limestone paint

that also has an inscription at the bottom. The inscription is letting us know that these two are a

non-royal pair with possible ties to royalty. How we can gather that this couple is non-royal is

based on a few things. One being that they aren't standing or seated in royal fashion. Two they

appear to be wearing clothes that resemble what a commoner would wear in ancient times. There

are some hints in the inscription that these two might have been royal acquaintances. Judging by the embrace the man is giving the woman we can also come to a conclusion that these two were

possible romantically involved in some way. Not a very large statue with dimensions of 62 x

24.5 x 15.2 cm.

The Statue of Gudea is up next for us. Also, a small statue in size not much different to

the Egyptian statue, it does have the dimensions of 44 x 21.5 x 29.5 cm. The reason we are

seeing a bit more depth to this statue is from the fact that Gudea is not standing but is in a seated

in a royal position. The Statue of Gudea was made from Diorite instead of limestone like our

Egyptian one. Gudea is a Neo-Sumerian statue, located around Mesopotamia, possibly in Girsu

(modern Tello). This statue pre-dates the Egyptian empire with a date around 2090 BC. Gudea

was a well-known king in local southern Mesopotamia. His hands in the statues are folded in a

common gesture of prayer or greeting.

Looking at both of these statues side by side, we can take into consideration the

similarities they both have. Starting off these statues are both old and from very ancient times.

Memi and Sabu vs Gudea Statues 3

Both are similar in size with their small dimensions. Both statues have a man with some form of

connection to royalty. They have one standing and then the other being seated. As well as

varying in color from the different uses of stone.

In closing, we learned a lot from two very different statues from different areas. Though

similar is some ways, both statues each tell a different story about the culture and time from

when they were each made.

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