Applications Implementations Of Media In Corporate Essay


Discuss about the Applications Implementations Of Media In Corporate.


As per the instructions I have studied relevant articles to make an effective executive summery about the technological influence on business communication. The purpose of this study is to find out the opportunities and problems that can happen for the use of advanced technology in the field of management communication.

Thesis: Influence of technology in field of corporate communication


Applying new technology on various fields

The use of new technology in the corporate field can increase the production rate in the organization. Various technology driven tools can be used for market research so that the organizations can understand the current market scenario and the demand of customers. “Technology has also brought new opportunities for corporate communication” (Argenti 2006), regarding this statement we need to find the current opportunities for the company such as promoting the company through visualization. The company can promote its brand value and the products and services through digital media. The integrity in the company can be improved by the technology. In this I recommend to create employees group in the email where they can contact with the higher authority whenever it is needed (Goodman 2001). Apart from all these, promoting the brand more on the digital media such as internet can help the organization to spread its goodwill among the consumers.

New technology adoption in organization

“New media and Web 2.0 services can be employed to work in tandem with conventional communication tools such as phone, fax and corporate intranets” (Hearn, Foth and Gray 2009),regarding this we can create a hybrid communication system where conventional ways of communication such as telephones can be used along with the advanced ones such as web services. This approach of the organization can help to maintain a good relationship with its existing stakeholders and build a good relationship with the new consumer base and stakeholders. “Corporate communication and information together play an important role in strategic management planning because of the high relevance of managing positive relationships with multiple stakeholder that have a strong impact on corporate survival” (Mohamad et al. 2018), so improving management communication using improvised technology can help the company to perform well the competitive market.

Training of employees

Once the implementation of the new technology is done it is recommended to train the employees to handle the system. Training of using the new technology helps the employees and workers to work efficiently with the new system. Workers are responsible for handling the various kinds of information in the organization (Argenti 2006). Company can think about allocating an amount of money which will be spent on training the employees. In this case online learning material can be used along with the training sessions with the experts.

This can be concluded from the above discussion that adoption of technology is going to be beneficial for the company and will help to perform in a consistent way in the competitive market.


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