Apple-s Strategic Management Essay


What does Apple’s selection of Tim Cook as Job’s successor signal about its future strategy? Do you agree with this choice? Why or why not?


Succession planning is a methodical approach to:

  • Developing a potential leadership talent to confirm the continuity of leadership
  • Creating “potential successors” in certain approach who is best fit in their strength
  • Pointing out the best person for categories of positions (Cook 2015)

Apple recognizes through succession planning that certain job that is the lifeblood of the organization and too sensitive to be left vacant or filled by any but the best qualified person. According to Feldman (2014) an effective succession planning is rooted in a continuous process of building leaders at all divisions of the corporation. However, Apple was approaching extremely secretive about its succession planning. Apple acknowledge that “every company is distinct, but also point to established best practices for planning of succession including hiring from within, conducting an audition period, easing the successor into a role of leadership and providing certain level of succession disclosure to shareholders” ( 2011). The benefits of this approach were as follows:

  • By focused on the consumer, client and experience of users, Steve had bucked traditional wisdom in the industry and eschewed the expectations and demand of the industry (InformationWeek 2016)
  • Developed a management team and culture that embrace his vision for Apple and the technologies it creates ( 2012)
  • Developed a reputation for extreme secrecy and has created a lot of curiosity among stakeholders

However, this secretive approach was the reason behind the lack of transparency in dealing the fiduciary responsibilities towards the shareholder. Apple was criticized by shareholders for not only being disclosed the health condition of Steve job, but they even deprive from the future successors or proposed strategy of the company (Wharton 2016).

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