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Question: Name What area unit the assorted proofs for the existence of god. that argument is that the strongest one in your opinion?


the fundamental fundamentals of Islam is Touheed “Oneness of God”. Existence of Almighty God is of elementary importance, particularly in an exceedingly faith. The al-Qur'an presents the universe as Associate in Nursing proof of the existence of god. Whenever we glance at one thing we tend to forever consider its creator. Otherwise we tend to area unit unable to justify it.

“Allah created the heavens and also the earth in true proportion: verily in this is that the sign for those that believe.”

Allah reminds America that he's the creator and owner of all that exists. He reminds America in each verse that we are going to come back to Him, solely he's eternal, and everything relies on Him.

Indeed because the Holy al-Qur'an says",

“God is that the supply of peace and bestower of security”.

Following area unit the proofs that build America notice the existence of Supreme Being Almighty in our way of life.

 System of the Universe

 Creation of Man

 Fitrah Argument

 Movement of stars

 Regularity of Day and Night

System of Universe:

“Can there be any doubt regarding Supreme Being, the Creator of the Heavens and also the earth?”

This world is therefore massive and big that we tend to cannot imagine that it came into existence with none creator. The creator of this universe is God. He has complete and total authority over the universe. God created the universe, nothing existed except Him. it had been created by choice, not indiscriminately. God created the universe with the set up and a purpose. as an example Nature is that the stunning creation of God. Everything that exist these days is made by God. God shaped the world with America in mind from the beginning. He gave folks His breath of life and a quick keep upon the world with full purpose that we'd look for him and realize him. If we tend to don't come back to understand Him, we've got lost the complete purpose for our existence.

“Who has created the world your couch, and also the heavens your canopy; and rusticate rain from the heavens; and brought forth thereupon fruits for your sustenance; then set not up rivals unto Supreme Being once ye understand (the truth).”

Creation of Man:

God is dotty. He loves America and every one of the creation quite we are able to probably understand or perhaps imagine. Man was created within the Image and likeness of God. He brought America to the current world so we are able to fancy our lives and live in line with our own desires. it's our duty to like God reciprocally and follow all the aspects of our faith. a person would contemplate the creating of all the natural things and every one the phenomenon that occur a blessing from Supreme Being Almighty, but the human mind would forever assume that though Supreme Being has created all the natural things and what regarding the items created by man?

“Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creator? Or did they produce the heavens and also the earth? No, they need No they need no firm belief”.

So this explains that though Supreme Being has created all the natural things that exist but the person created things also are the a part of his creation. it's He UN agency has created man and provided all the concepts and potential to form one thing. If Supreme Being wouldn't have provided the intellects and ideas to folks there wouldn't are things for the requirement of realize an answer and making one thing. therefore Supreme Being has produced man and provided him with all the concepts so he will create the items.

“verily we tend to created man from a product of we tend tot earth; then placed him as a drop(of seed) in an exceedingly safe lodging; then we designed the drop into a clot, then we tend to designed the small lump, then we tend to designed the small lump into bones, then clothed the bone, then created it another creation. therefore blessed be Supreme Being, the most effective of creators”.

Fitrah Argument:

The existence of the Fitrah will solely be explained by God’s existence because the fitrah can't be explained by social pressure or biology. The fitrah exists because the al-Qur'an and Sunnah mention the idea of it. once a toddler is born, it's with it a natural belief in God. This natural belief is termed in Arabic the “Fitrah”.

The Prophet aforesaid

“Every kid is born in an exceedingly state of Fitrah, however his folks build him a Hebrew or a Christian”.

Man could be a believer by fitrah. every one, whether or not young or recent, wealthy or poor, sturdy or weak, educated or illiterate, believes in accordance with their fitrah, that there's nobody however Supreme Being is that the only 1. for instance there was a person UN agency believed that Supreme Being doesn't exist and he committed shameful deeds in his life. in the future his son got unwell. He wanted his son much. He spent a fortune attempting to cure his son. He took him to several doctors. one among the doctor told the person that his son was affected by a fatal sickness that would not be cured. the person got disturbed and he asked his better half what to mention in his prayer as he knew nothing regarding salaat. He spent 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour crying either to cure his son or to let him die. By the tip of his prayer his son got higher and fever left him.

“I created My servants within the right faith however the devils created them go astray”.

Movement of Stars:

Supreme Being is that the creator and reminder of all that exists.

“Allah is He, UN agency created the sun, the moon, and also the stars ruled by laws and His commandment.”

If we tend to become at home with the cluster of stars within the sky, we are able to ne'er be lost anyplace within the world. we are able to be anyplace within the world and right away on trying up within the night sky and by recognizing stars, {we can|we will|we area unit able to} understand what latitude we tend to are at and wherever is north and every one the opposite directions. All the celebs shine bright and also the sky appearance stunning. However, whenever we glance up at the sky we tend to forever consider its creator otherwise we tend to cannot justify it. it's a blessing from Supreme Being Almighty.

“It isn't allowable for the sun to overtake the moon, nor will the night outstrip the day, all of them float every in Associate in Nursing orbit.”

Regularity of Day and Night:

Has somebody ever noticed the sky at the time of adjusting of days and nights? That sight causes you to marvel what kind of powers will convert each day to an evening or an evening to each day. The day and night pass inside their mounted schedules. Such creative thinking is just doable by the mercy and glory of Supreme Being Almighty. Regularity of day and night can't be done by human powers or talents. He’s solely Supreme Being UN agency will day in one a part of Earth and night on the opposite. Such wonders build America perceive that we are able to ne'er perceive the existence of God. he's the rattling creator of the universe. he's the ruler of everything. He has complete and total authority over the universe.

“Indeed, within the creation of the heavens and also the earth and also the alternation of the day and also the night area unit the signs for those of understanding.”

My Opinion:

As so much as i believe, the complexness of the creation of the universe is therefore astonishing that it makes America marvel that UN agency is that the creator of such a complexed structure.

nobody aside from Supreme Being will rotate or revolve such significant structures like moon, earth, and different planets etc. Human powers or talents area unit unable to know these development that however will this happens and the way is every and everything positioned since the start of your time.

Say, “He is Supreme Being, who is one",

Allah the Eternal refuge.

He neither begets neither is born",

Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”


• Islam could be a pure faith followed by Muslims. This faith teaches America the way to lead the we are able to get gifts from Supreme Being within the life eternal here once. folks that ignore the orders of Supreme Being are going to be burnt in flames of hell. Following area unit a number of the proofs for the existence of Supreme Being.

 Existence of god through nature

 Existence of god through universe

 Existence of god through human

 Existence of god through miracles

 Existence of god through angels

 Existence of god through holy books

 Existence of god through style and designer argument

 Existence of god through acceptance of prayers


These area unit the terribly massive things and area unit outstanding enough to explain the existence of god. however these aren't the sole proofs. Supreme Being Almighty has created much details in such little things that can't be even seen with the oculus. There area unit numerous things like animals, insects, etc that also are an indication of the existence of God. we tend to cannot neglect little things that surround America amazingly.

“And among His Signs is that the creation of the heavens and also the earth, and also the living creatures that He has scattered through them and He has power to assemble them along once He wills.”


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