Annotated Bibliography: Oil And Gas Industry Essay


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Mossman, M 2015. A Year after Oil Prices Fell, Supply and Demand take Charge. Retrieved from

In 2015, there was a decline in the oil prices (2015). The decline saw an increased demand and at the same increased profits. This is because there had been a swing in the oil industry and the consumers were ready to capitalize on the reduced prices. Matt (2015) tries to explain how the reduced prices affected the demand for the product. The information provided agrees with other authors who have concentrated on the matter. The information can be supported by the occurrences in the oil and gas industry. The information can also be relied upon because it was released just two years ago making it timely and in concurrent with the current market trends.

Petryni, M 2017. The relationship between Level of Prices and Demand. Retrieved from

According to Matt, the price of a commodity affects the demand for the same product. In his post, Matt (2017) has used the demand curve to argue his point. The information provided by the author is relevant, and that is evident by looking at the real business world. The numbers of the customer in many businesses are determined by quality and price. Looking at other articles and posts on the same, it is evident that the price of a given product affects the demand for the same product. The information is timely because it is just a few months old and that makes it relevant to the current market trends.

Rampell, C 2013. Why Is Turkey Cheaper When Demand Is Higher? New York Times. Retrieved from

Catherine talks about why the demand for goods is high in Turkey despite the fact that the prices are down. From a supply and demand perspective, it is evident that a reduced price affects demand. However, in some products, the demand has in return negatively affected the prices. The magazine has concentrated on different products thus giving the readers diverse views. The information is timely and agrees with other reports which concentrate on the same issue. As far as making profits are concerned, the traders are likely to make more profits because there is an increased number of a customer. An increased number of customers affects the units purchased positively thus positively affecting the profits.

Roberts, P 2016. Supply and Demand in the Gold and Silver Futures Markets – Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler. Institute for Political Economy.

According to Paul, (2016), the prices of gold and silver in the future will affect the demand for the products. Looking at the explanation, there is a direct link between the price of the product and the demand for the same product. In his article (Roberts, 2016); it is evident that if the prices of both gold and silver will be reduced, the customers will show up in large numbers thus affecting the demand. The article has agreed with work of many economists on the relationship between the prices of products and the demand. It is evident that the information is useful in the current markets because the article was just one year ago. The information can be relied upon and can be used to monitor the markets and predict the effect of a reduced price.

Zhao, Z., Wu, L. and Song, G., 2014. Convergence of volatile power markets with price-based demand response. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 29(5), pp.2107-2118.

Zhao et al. (2014), focus on consumers in the energy sector. The authors have focused on the effects of reducing the costs of energy and making sure that customers only pay for what they use. Looking at the information provided, it is evident that reducing prices also encourage many users to subscribe to the power connections. When a big number of electricity users ask for connections, the company providing electrical power is likely to experience increased profits. The information agrees with many other authors who have focused on the issue of reduced prices and their effects on demand and profits. The article was only published three years ago making it relevant to the modern markets.

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