Animator career research project Essay

The process of becoming a movie animator takes a long time. Most animators practiced 2D drawings throughout their childhood and adolescent stage. They take college training for this particular study. Usually up to fours years to obtain their bachelor’s degree in visual arts and computer graphics. Movie animators aren’t required to have a license or any type of permit, it is a self-trained career field. This job requires many characteristics. Artistic talent, for starters. Animators must have a good perception of color contrasts, texturing and lighting. As well as communication skills. Animators, or any multimedia artist, have to work as a team and give and take criticism well when given. Animators use computer programs to do most of their work, so a good understanding of computer graphics is required. Creativity is also very important. Animators must be able to think creatively to develop original ideas and make them come to life. Animators are also obliged to manage their time effectively, using time management skills. Even under pressure, when a deadline draws (no pun intended) near. [Multimedia Artists and Animators. New York State Department of Labor, 20 Feb 2009. Web. 12 Dec 2018]

The Job:

Animators create two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations and visual effects for movies, video games or television shows. They construct their rough drafts and sketches on paper before bringing them to life on the computer. Then they create graphics and work with team of animators and artists to create their project. Animators work in a particular type of animation. Some animators focus on creating movies or video games and others generate visual effects for films and TV shows. Then there’s computer-generated images, CGI. CGI includes creating models of performing actors, or designing backgrounds for locations. Animators work in teams to develop a movie, visual effect, or electronic game. Each animator works on a portion of the project, eventually the pieces come together to create one cohesive animation. As a team, animators research upcoming projects to help create realistic designs. They create storyboards that situate scenes in animations using their own interpretation. Animators edit effects based off the feedback from directors, coworkers, and clients. They meet with clients, other animators and directors to review deadlines to create a time line. Being an animator means not having to worry about long hours spent outside home. A shift is typically as long as a school day, maybe even a little longer. But they have to work overtime when deadlines are approaching. Most animators work from home to spend more time with family. An animator’s annual pay, as of May 2017 is roughly $70",350

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