Angle Camera Stereo Observations Essay


Discuss about the Angle Camera Stereo Observations.


The following brief is going to establish that the low angle camera position has been one of the chief aspects of the movie BORAT, which has sharpen the movie’s documentary features to become successful.

The considered movie – “Borat”, which is precisely known as a British-American mockumentary film is about a journalist belonging to Kazakhstan, who travels around America to record real-life interactions. The film mainly concentrates on Borat’s travel experience from one place to another and lacks in any potential special effects. However, as per the fact that the movie focuses on the protagonist’s traveling experiences, most of the scenes are sincerely executed by applying low angle camera position. In this context, it is required to mention that the low angle camera shots are useful in portraying characters more important and bigger (Henriksen et al., 2016). For example, the inaugural scene where Borat, the protagonist of the film is introducing himself and his town and his home, the audience can clearly view the characters’ faces and understands their activities.

Similarly, in scene where Borat is talking with an American while traveling in a metro is shot through low angle camera position. With the help of the camera position, the director has successfully portrayed the annoyance made by Borat to one of the passengers of the metro. With the use of low angle camera position, the expression of the annoyed person is visualized appropriately. On the other hand, in the feminist scene also the audience views the characters through a low angle position through which the anger of the female characters and the puzzled condition of Borat is drawn aptly ( 2017).

Therefore, it is to say that the low angle camera position has helped the director of Borat to portray the film more realistically and make the characters livelier.


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