Analyze Leadership Development Of MBTI Essay


Discuss about the Leadership Development of MBTI.



This report has been prepared to analyze the MBTI result. In this report, MBTI approach has been described and it has been depicted to the user that how this MBTI test help a user to make better decision regarding the personality and carrier in future perspective. It makes a differentiation among the human beings. This test has been conducted to analyze my own personality.


MBTI test has been performed by me on myself to analyze the various aspect of my own personality. This test offers a great idea about my personality. According to this test, my personality INTJ, that means I am introvert, intuitive, thinking and judgemental person. Further, I have evaluated that this personality depict about the self confidence of a person (Sethuraman and Suresh, 2014).

Through this report, it has been evaluated that I am an introvert person as I don’t like to meet more people and communicate with them. I have secured 19% result as an introvert which depict that I do not like to be socialized and it also depict that I like to keep my feelings and thoughts with myself only. Further, I have analyzed that I am an intuitive person as I like to focus more on future rather than beings sensing and make assumption about the future references. Through my personality test, it has been analyzed that I am 19% intuitive that means I don’t rely on my assumptions and take the consideration of some practical examples to make my decision about future references (Bonner, 2010).

Further, I have analyzed that I have a personality of thinking about the people and things around me and then make decision. I prefer thinking more than the feeling as I am a less emotional person and like to do work according to the practical assumptions rather than the theoretical knowledge (Essaid El Bachari and El Adnani, 2011). I consider the thinking part more while making any big or professional decision though I am quite feeling kind of person in my personal life. More, I think that a person must use both the aspect while making the decision according to the situation.

More, I have analyzed that I judges the things and persons more rather than observing the situation and make decision accordingly although I am almost equal in judging and observing people. It totally depends upon the situation and according to that I either observe the people or judge them. An effective leader must be observer as well as a judge to make the best of the decision for his or her team members (Sethuraman and Suresh, 2014).

Lastly, my overall personality depict that I am a self confident person but sometimes people finds me self arrogant. INTJs are the person who wants perfection in everything and they have the endless capacity to improve and enhance their tasks. I am a system builder kind of person as I have entire capability of being a good leader and motivate the team to be more efficient. Thus it could be concluded that I have a personality of INTJ which are good in creativity and managing the people in a good manner.

MBTI approach:

MBTI approach is a personality test which assists the human being to evaluate their personality. This test depicts knowledge about various personalities. This report tells the user that every personality is different and it makes an impact over the working style, decisions, leadership qualities etc. this test has been invented by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs (Radwan, 2014). This MBTI approach depicts about the different personality which could help the individual to make decision about their carrier and many other aspects related to their life.

In many professional workforces, this test is used to evaluate the personality and help the individual to make decision accordingly. Many researchers have found it the best personality test to make decision about various aspects related to an individual whereas few researchers have depicted that the provided result of this test is worthless and does not offer a good understanding about the personality of human being (Goldsmith, 2011).

This test separates people into 16 groups which are not at all relevant according to some of the psychologists. It has been depicted into many studied that there is no relevance of many personalities into personal and professional life of a person. Further, it has been analyzed that many people takes this personalities into consideration while choosing the carriers and successfully they are satisfied in their carrier (Seol and Park, 2015).

This test is mostly performed by the college students or professionals to understand their personality and to make better decision about their life accordingly. Huge factors are there which could make it understandable for a human after collective knowledge about all the related areas (Daisley, 2011). This has forced the researchers and psychiatrist to rethink about their opinion on this test. Additionally, it has also been observed that there are many other points which are not considered by this test such as job satisfaction, job description, personal life commitments etc. It has been failed to highlight entire aspect related to individual that plays significant role in an organization to make better decision. According to the analysis, many related aspects re ignored by this test approach and thus the outcome is not satisfactory (Wang 2015). More, this model has taken into consideration very lame aspects that do not offer any assistance to make a better decision or the carrier of the individual. Thus, it could be said that this model would not be helpful to take any decision over skills and personality of a person.


Through conducting this report, it has been analyzed that various factors are there which makes an impact over the individual personality and MBTI approach is there to help the person to identify different approaches to make a better decision about the skills and personality of a person. Further, this report also explains about much critique over the MBTI approach and depict that it do not take into consideration about many essential aspect of an individual.


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