Analysis of theme essay

Analysis of theme essay byKayley Fjording

1. Introduction

1.1. Hook

1.2. Author, name, subject of book

1.2.1. subject is exactly what the key character/s experience/s

1.2.2. background information regarding the plot and figures

1.3. Thesis statement

1.3.1. Theme/s expresses a class or an understanding about life clues in title author's declaration about life life tutorial that emerges in the novel significant symbols and exactly how they connect with the key figures' actions choose 1, 2 or 3, often one is principal can be straight stated by author or implied

1.3.2. Component of novel character setting destination time action

1.4. 3rd individual point of view

1.5. Cannot include opinions, ideas or feelings for the writer

2. Body paragraphs x 3

2.1. chronological order or purchase of importance (least to the majority of)

2.2. each paragraph requires a subject sentence

2.2.1. first component identifies the specific subject of the paragraph

2.2.2. 2nd part identifies a particular feature towards topic

2.3. tie paragraphs and effective transistions

2.3.1. time: once, when, from the beginning, before, during, finally, in the long run, later, soon, that evening, then, whenever

2.3.2. cause-effect: thus, because

2.3.3. contrast: however, though, unfortunately

2.4. each paragraph explores a phase inside explanation for the theme and exactly how it is revealed into the novel

3. Conclusion

3.1. analyzes the theme

3.1.1. can use a carefully-chosen quotation through the tale

3.1.2. may predict how the theme might impact characters as time goes on

3.1.3. may show just how a character changed due to the theme

3.2. state the theme as a simple truth about life

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