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Discuss about the Analysis of the Business of Rock Scissors Salon.



The following assignment is based on Rock Paper Scissors Salon which is one of the largest salons of Australia. The salon is based in New South Wales of Australia and expertise itself in the following business. The salon was doing well until last few years but a sudden change in the market and emergence of other similar salons has made life a bit difficult for Rock Paper Scissors to efficiently manage the business. Recently the management of the store has hired a management consultant to make the business more attractive and sustainable in nature.

Management Concepts and Principles

Strategic Planning

The marketing strategy is not a complex one, and satisfied clients are believed to be the best marketing tool. The time when a client leaves the business he has generated a completely different idea about the business. It is his task to helps spread the name and the quality of the business to the people. The clients thus will generally come from old and trusted clients of the salon. The salon does not depend on extensive advertising to attract the customers rather it believes in brand promotion through loyalty (Chai, 2014). The research undertaken by the salon has revealed that referrals have been the stand out performer for attracting customers to the salon. The service providers will also seek for such refers from the clients themselves. They will announce exclusive discounts and other attractive benefits on proper referral of new customers in their salon. Plans can be put into action like conducting a lucky draw among the customers who refer clients. The winner of the lucky draw takes home flight tickets to some exotic foreign destinations.


Before the integration of the strategic plans of Rock Paper Scissor the management of the salon must make it sure to;

  1. Have a transparent picture of the current scenario of the market
  2. Have a updated information on the number of different competitors
  3. Set the right goals of the company
  4. Increase the Corporate Social Responsibility of the organization and the ethics of the organization
  5. Set the strategic plans in such a way that it does not have any adverse effect on the environment

Vision and Mission Statement

At Rock Paper Scissor the management of the salon aims to provide the best in line experience to the customers of the salon by a number of different ways namely;

  1. Motivating the employees to achieve the goals of the organization
  2. Improving the communication between the customers and the employees
  3. Innovation of the salon through the creation of new products and services
  4. Helping the company reach new heights by increasing the organizational performance of the organization
  5. Targeting for the ultimate glory

On the other hand mission statement of the salon is to push for the ultimate growth and go above all the industry expectations to provide a high quality and professional service to every person inside or outside the community. This helps the community to feel good about themselves both inside and outside the community. Therefore the main aim of the organization is to provide the people with a completely different experience (Konishi, 2017).


Some of the key recommendations that will come in handy for the mentioned salon are;

  1. They have to identify their actual aim and what does they hope to achieve
  2. The salon must ensure to provide quality services to the customers
  3. The organization must look into the management and organizational factors of the organization
  4. The key stakeholders of the organization are the customers, employees and the community affiliations.

Goals, Strategy and Objectives

The objectives of the mentioned business unit is to provide the best possible services to the people visiting the store in New South Wales and satisfy them by such exclusive service. Apart from this secondary objectives include building a loyal customer base and work for making the salon into one of the best in the business in the island nation (Chai, 2014).

On the other hand goals of Rock Paper Scissors are;

  1. Attracting more and more customers each week
  2. To recruit a number of professional hair stylists who can also provide world class training to the inexperienced trainees
  3. Creating a brand name of its own by inviting celebrities once in a month

After setting out the goals and objectives it is the primary task of the organization to fix the strategies of the business. The strategies of the business includes the setting up of the website, getting an idea of the target group of customers that are needed to be fixed by the salon, ensuring the types of products and services that are to be provided by the company and many more required elements as such.


The management of the organization, before setting up the goals, strategy and the objectives of the salon must ensure to;

  1. Create a niche market of the salon
  2. Performing a detailed market analysis
  3. Determining the different threats and opportunities of the organization
  4. Have a proper planning to implement the strategy for the business


As a salon owner, one may be a multitasking master, perfect business strategy, mentoring, marketing, and customer relations roles. But that versatile skill is worthless if the person overlooks the crucial aspects that inspire and satisfy employees and clients. For salon management success it is important to prioritize the following factors influencing the shop’s overall personality and attitude (Grinsven, Heusinkveld & Benders, 2016). Recruiting a manager allowed one salon owner to switch his focus towards the staffs (Chai, 2014), which improved the business. The previous responsibilities of the person included front desk, stylist, and administrative duties. Thanks to the redirected motivational efforts, the shop’s culture is flourishing. Employee benefits like paid vacation, health insurance, and many more as such can attract top talent. Interviewees shadow personnel before coming on board. They start with clear benchmarked growth paths. An extensive three-month training program helps newbie stylists sharpen their technical and retail expertise. Anyone receives one extra paid vacation day annually for reaching $100,000 service and $25,000 product sales.

If the business fails to excel at all essential leadership duties, the management has to supplement the team with strong employees who shine in your weakest areas. That might involve hiring disciplined financial, detail-oriented, and taskmaster experts. Everything will run better when the management focus on the passions and leave the shortcomings to crew members that are more qualified. Similarly, a convenient application will help the flow of the operations smoothly. Rock Paper Scissors provides all the vital tools to direct the business more efficiently. Popular features expedite payroll with commissions and bonuses, staff scheduling, back bar product usage, and inventory. By reducing busy work, this salon management software frees up time to pursue the strengths of the business, interacting with patrons, and boosting the prosperity.

The leadership frameworks that can be helpful for Rock Scissors is, "transformational leadership” which is one of the most effective styles to use. Transformational leaders have integrity and high level of emotional intelligence (Grinsven, Heusinkveld & Benders, 2016).The leaders have the quality to motivate the people with a shared vision for the future and an effective communication. The leaders are also well aware, humble and polite. They are famous among the workers as because they held themselves responsible for the failure of the team and inspires the team on a timely basis to get the best out of each of the team members. This leads to high levels of productivity and engagement. The leader in the business can inspire others to work hard for the salon and bring accolades’.

However, the term leadership is not a "one size fits all" thing; often, the business must adapt their own process to adapt to the situation. This is why it's useful to develop a thorough understanding of other leadership frameworks and styles; after all, the more approaches the business is familiar with, the more efficient you can be.


The researcher has provided some recommendations which if implemented can serve as one of the best in terms of quality and improve the leadership skills of the person;

  1. Taking Concise and popular decisions
  2. Can provide a vision for success to the employees of the organization
  3. Can establish a sound mode of communication with different known and unknown individuals
  4. Making decisions based on real time information


Motivation is one of the main elements that drives the growth of the salon. Motivation among the employees is one of the main factors that helps the salon to establish a brand name in New South Wales as well as in Australia (Cooper, 2016). Good relationships, advancement opportunities, company reputation are important motivational factors that influence the performance of an organization. The management of the mentioned salon must make sure that they implement all these elements to make the organization a successful one. The organization can take the help of Maslow’s Hierarchical model which is one of the best in the business. Such a framework if properly implemented can lead to success for the organization.


As mentioned earlier the organization must follow the Maslow’s Hierarchical model to ensure the success of the business. The focus should be on building a proper work culture and ensuring job satisfaction among the employees. For this to be achieved the organization has to make sure that they have to retain their employees, treat fairly with them and ensure a better workplace environment for them.

Performance Management

According to the management consultant the management of the organization must make sure to perform in a proper way to woo customers. Performance appraisal should be provided to the employees to enhance their performance by distributing rewards and rewards.


Performance can be increased by;

  1. Performance planning can be done to set the goals of the organization
  2. Assessment must be done to analyze the performance of the employees over a stipulated time period
  3. A weekly target can be fixed to increase the performance of the workers

Ethical Practice

According to the management consultant the ethical code must be transparent, to the point and should have the important features that support the operations of the management of the salon that describes itself to be reliable and honest. The following code also include a statement that the management and the owners cannot and shall not have the rights to discriminate or abuse any employees or the customers of the salon on grounds of caste, sex, age race , language and many more such controversial topics. Ethical code can also include the use of products that are safe to use and follow safe procedures. The payment charges can also be included in the following as these are the charges that help the customers to select the type of service they are in need of. The licensing and the registration number of the salon must be kept intact or displayed in the store to prove that the store is a genuine and government approved one (Cooper, 2016). Use of statements such as "employees will respect their co-workers' property," and "employees will treat all clients with dignity and respect." Including the prohibition against the wrongful acquisition of clients and use of foul language by them is a serious offence. The management of the company can also encourage the other employees of the organization to showcase high degree of professionalism when they engage with clients. The primary duty of the workers is to make sure that the clients are happy and ready to do business again and again with the company (Leonard & Trusty, 2015).The salon must also ensure the privacy of the customer in the salon. Protecting the privacy of the customers is thus one of the important task for the workers of the salon. The salon must also maintain the time schedule and maintain their commitments.

It is beyond the control of a person on how other salons in the area conduct business, it is upon the employees of the salon to conduct themselves professionally and efficiently to provide a stiff competition to the customers (Konishi, 2017). This particular section of the ethical code includes the commitment to not publish negative information about the different competitors of the business; and must promise to abstain from deliberate attempts to woo their customers. The salon must also adhere to all the policies and rules of the industry.


The researcher has provided some recommendations for Rock Paper Scissor to help it term as one of the most ethical stores of Australia. Some of them are,

  1. The workers and the management of the salon must be honest enough so that the customers can rely on them. Honesty helps the organization to earn the trust of the customers
  2. The organization must be efficient enough which is one of the primary condition for the growth of the salon.
  3. A positive attitude must be maintained by the workers which will make every customers happy.
  4. Respecting the customers, establishing a trust and establishing a personal behavior rather than a professional behavior helps to earn more and more accolades for the organization.


Innovation forms one of the key elements of any form of business especially Salon. Rock Paper Scissor has been one of the stand away examples of innovation in such a regard (Yeh, 2017). Innovation refers to the creation of new and latest products and services that are in line with the latest trends. Rock Paper Scissor has created a number of different product and services to cater to their vast range of customers (Cooper, 2016). The salon follows the linear innovation model that is based on technological push to create a technologically high range of products and services that are meant for the organization. The linear innovation model has helped the organization to attain a set of goals of the organization. The salon has invented a number of such products to meet the demands of the customers (Konishi, 2017).


The salon must adhere to some policies while innovating the products and services of the organization. Some of them are;

  1. Innovation must be carried out in such a way that it meets the needs of the customers
  2. The products and services must meet all the necessary specifications of the market
  3. Innovation must be aimed at implementing changes by integrating human change strategies
  4. The business must encourage a creative collaborative environment with the staff and the customers


The researcher has been able to meet the necessary aims and objectives of the research. The research has considered all the necessary requirements that are ideal for the research. The discussion about the different elements will be helpful for the readers as well as the future researchers to make out a clear idea on the management concepts of the mentioned salon in Australia. An analysis of the research will provide a proper insight into the theories of management.


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