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Job Market

This section provides an overview of the job market in Australia. AS per the statistics, it is reported that people with job has increased in Australia by 38% over 17 years (Salt, 2017). This suggests that approximately every one person in two people have a job in Australia. The statistics also suggest that part time jobs have also grown in recent years (Salt, 2017). The reports suggest that job market in Australia is strengthening, and there is decrease in the unemployment rates. The growth is unanimous over Australia, and a sharp increase in job adverts is seen in most of the Australian states and cities. The current employment trend sectors include: Healthcare, Professional Services, Education, Information Technology, and Retail industry (VisaBureau, 2017). Whereas, other sectors like mining and manufacturing has seen some downfall (Sinibaldi, 2016).Significant increase is seen in the healthcare, and education sectors. A steady increase is seen in the professional services and information technology sector. Also, a steady increase is witnessed in the service sector as a result of the increasing customer support concerns. A slow increase is seen in the construction sector, however, the mining sector has witnessed downfall, majorly due to the need of skilled labour in the mining industry and the decrease in the unskilled labour.

As per the job market reports, it is seen that healthcare has seen greatest job growth, as the ageing population has pushed the demand for more nurses and carers. Also, the increasing food habits and trends have stimulated the need for wellness and healthcare services (Sinibaldi, 2016). The technological advancements and the latest trends and the increasing cyber frauds and attacks, has increased the need for better cyber security and literacy. Moreover, most industries have adopted latest technologies for facilitating and automating various operations, which has led to a further increase in the information technology sector. A sharp rise is also seen in the design industry jobs like graphic designing, digital designing, and interior designing jobs. Information technology also plays a major role in the web designing jobs. Additionally, the increase in the online industry has also increased the IT industry job prospects. The next industry that has seen growth is the education industry (Molloy, 2015). The growth in the school and college population and the growth in the part-time teaching section have led to growth in the teaching jobs. Moreover, the education industry has significantly contributed to the increase in the part-time jobs. A sharp increase is seen in the professional services, like engineers, doctors, managers and administrators (VisaBureau, 2017). Today, the organizations have become more formal, increasing the job opportunities in various roles like administration, management, marketing and sales. Apart from the professional services, the retail industry jobs have also seen a significant increase. With the increasing lifestyle changes and the purchasing power, a sharp increase has been witnessed in the retail industry jobs (Sinibaldi, 2016). Moreover, the online retail industry, and the customer service industry has also seen a significant increase as a result of the increase in the retail industry jobs.

Paid Occupation

I wish to make a career in marketing. Marketing field interests me particularly because of the range of exposure and jobs it provides. Marketing field consists of plenty of jobs, and there are different types of jobs based on the company and the field of marketing. The marketing jobs are majorly client-oriented however; there are positions that don’t require the executive to work in accordance with the client or customer. Marketing manager position is a senior marketing position wherein the manager is more involved in managing the marketing team, or most of the marketing department, and plans the strategies for future growth. The marketing executive is the position which is constantly in touch with the client, and handles the various client queries and specifications. Apart from that, product marketing managers, and brand managers are not directly in contact with the clients but would be largely involved with the brand and devise strategies for brand promotion, and building a brand image (Lake, 2017). They deal with all the product specifications and manage the product related changes and devise strategies for promotion of specific products. Some of the most interesting roles in marketing include advertising, event management, media planning, and advertising. Advertising and media planning comprise of all the advertising and media campaigns that attract the consumers and help the company enhance its brand image. The marketing jobs are considered as one of the most challenging jobs (Lake, Careers: Jobs in Marketing, 2017).

To pursue a career in marketing a person must first either takes a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and master’s degree in management studies with majors in marketing. Students can also take online management courses to get a degree in management. Various universities also provide certificate courses in marketing (Scherman, 2014). Thus, a person interested in making a career in marketing should undertake management education, and relevant experience in administration or sales will be an added advantage. The salary differences among marketing jobs are as vast as the field itself.

The salary of the marketing job largely depends on the job description, relevant experience, and qualifications and is also linked with the industry standards. The salary range increases with the designations, and chief marketing manager or simply the marketing manager is the highest paid job in marketing jobs (BusinessSchools, 2016). The salary of a CMO (Chief Marketing officer) ranges between $80,000 and $ 260,000 (Glassdoor, 2017). The salary is highest based upon the relevant experience and the additional qualifications. The average salary of a marketing executive in Australia is $67,000 (Glassdoor, 2017). The marketing executive is the entry level position in marketing jobs and a marketing executive can get promoted to different positions in marketing field based on his/her relevant experience in the field and interest. A marketing executive may get promoted to a product manager, team manager, and a senior marketing manager, and besides making a career in marketing, the marketing manager may also make career in sales. The salary growth and career growth prospects in marketing are higher and impressive.

The marketing and sales fields are interconnected. The skills obtained in marketing jobs can be largely used in sales job. The marketing executives with relevant experience can change their career and adopt sales career (Scherman, 2014). The marketing skills can be used in media planning jobs, and even in event management. The marketing job skills can be applied in advertising and public relations field as well.

Marketing jobs contribute to the economy as well as to the society. Marketing has contributed towards raising the standard of living of the society. Today, most marketing efforts are directed towards increasing customer satisfaction (Ifezue, 2005). Marketing jobs are more aligned towards producing goods that meet the customer needs and preferences. Also, marketing aims at creating demands for produced goods and via advertising and promotions by making customers aware about the products and encourage them to use their products, and thereby raise the standard of living. Marketing also largely contributes to the economy, majorly by increasing the employment opportunities and contributes towards increasing the national income, by increasing the demands for the goods and services (Ifezue, 2005). The increased demand of the goods and services is fulfilled by increased production and increased incomes, it also contributes towards increasing the exports and thereby contributes towards increasing the national income.

Unpaid Job

CARE Australia is an international organization which provides volunteering opportunities in Australia as well as in abroad. CARE Australia works towards saving lives and reducing poverty, and supporting the communities facing extreme poverty. The organization helps the world’s most vulnerable communities by providing different services like healthcare, employment, and providing basic amenities (Care, 2017). The volunteers can take up jobs like administration, other volunteering works like providing healthcare needs, setting up help centers at various places, volunteering different fund-raising activities, volunteering activities during festivals, and other public events. Such volunteering activities include managing the crowd, maintaining harmony.

The urge for helping the needy communities has encouraged me to take such a job. The job is challenging, and tests various skills of the volunteers, like managing tasks and completing them in tight budgets, patience, managing skills, and sales skills (Care, 2017). Every job a humanitarian side and exploring that humanitarian side has particularly attracted me towards volunteering jobs. The basic volunteering jobs like admin jobs, handling the crowd, communicating with other centers generally don’t require any special education or training, however, ether are few skilled jobs that require training and education. These jobs include management jobs, healthcare aid jobs, and fund-raising jobs.

Yes, there is potential of gaining a paid position in volunteer organisations. A volunteer can achieve a paid position by getting relevant experience in the field. there are few universities that provide humanitarian and human development education for encouraging students to undertake volunteer jobs. Volunteers can secure higher positions in such welfare organizations. The volunteer jobs enable the volunteers to develop new skills which can be used in other jobs. The volunteering job gives the volunteer’s exposure in healthcare, sales, marketing, administration and management jobs. Thus, the volunteers can develop skills which can be used in getting paid jobs in management, administration and healthcare.

Unpaid jobs largely contribute towards society and economy of various developed and developing countries. The volunteer jobs are aligned towards improving the conditions for the vulnerable communities. The volunteer jobs create employment opportunities in various remote areas and at the same time fight with poverty which is the root cause of various problems and crime. Thus, the unpaid jobs largely contribute towards the society. Despite of the fact that these unpaid jobs are unpaid and don’t provide any monetary gains to the volunteers, these jobs do add to the national economy (Paquette, 2014). These jobs might not generate income, but they save expenses, which also add to the income. The inclusion of such jobs in national economy is well explained by using the example of the importance of women completing the household work and this is an unpaid job. Managing the needs of the vulnerable communities and providing them support would cost the government millions of rupees and these rupees are saved by such NGOs and other organisations (UMICH, 2017). Hence, it can be said that the unpaid jobs or the volunteer jobs also contribute towards the economy.


Recruitment is an important function in getting the right job. There are different ways of getting a job in the company. The most common way of getting a job today is using the different job portal websites (ICI, 2014). The major job seeking websites in Australia are SEEK, Adecco, Gumtree, MyCareer, and JobSeeler. SEEK is the leading job seeking website in Australia.

MEC is the leading marketing organisation in Australia, and I would like to seek a job in MEC Australia. Other than MEC, Woolsworth, Nous Group and BirdsNest are the companies where I would like to work. Woolsworth is the largest retailer and supermarket chain in Australia. This company particularly inspires me because there are various marketing opportunities in the company which will help the company to devise schemes and compete with other retail companies (McCauley, 2017). Nous Group is a consulting firm, and provides complete marketing and other professional services to its clients. The company has high influential clients and working with this company will help to gain a lot of exposure and gain knowledge about various marketing concepts (GreatPlacetoWork, 2017). BirdsNest is a retail company, which provides its employees ample opportunities for learning and development.

Before choosing a company it is important to undertake some research about the company. These companies have been chosen based on the ratings and rankings from different job seeking sites. An online research will be conducted about the company’s vision and mission, its centers, its policies (Joyce, 2016). A research about the company’s image will also be conducted. Moreover, it is important to also understand and research about the organization culture and work culture of these companies. It is important to research about the growth prospects in the company, and how the company handles the ethical issues. Although, it is impossible for the job-seekers to get all the information about the company, however, the job seekers must conduct specific research analysis about the company, its goodwill, its brand image, its culture, and the opportunities company provides to its employees for growth and development. However, it is important for the job-seekers to gather all the available information about the company so as to have some understanding about its business and purpose. Gathering information about the company is helpful for the job-seekers in passing the interviews. It is important for the job-seekers to conduct an online search so as to gain knowledge about the company.

There are different ways of finding a job. The most important ways of finding a job, are using the job portals, using references, and applying via the openings provided in employment newspapers or at company websites. Using the company websites and employment news was a common practice previously, however, today, people hardly visit the company websites for jobs, and don’t use newspapers for finding jobs (Doyle, 2017). The method of using references was also influential previously; however, the companies are becoming merit-oriented, and believe in recruiting educated professionals based on their merits and skills. The above-mentioned methods are not widely practiced today for finding jobs.

The most effective way of finding a job is the job portal method. The method is more effective because we can modify and customize our research and find the best companies that match our job preferences. Moreover, job-seekers can find best jobs from a variety of jobs. Marketing itself is a diverse field and includes different jobs and positions. The job portals make it easy for the job-seekers to manage their job search (Doyle, 2017). Moreover, the job portals allow jobseekers to further differentiate their career choices by using various departments, like branding, product management, advertisement, Public relations, and sales. Hence, it becomes easier for the job seeker to choose the career and position of their choice. Another major feature of the job portal is that the employees can apply for multiple companies at a time, which saves their time an energy. The job portals include the relevant experience required for the employees to apply for a particular job, and thereby minimize the hassle for the organizations as well as for the job-seekers. Based on the simplicity and ease of job-search, job portals and job seeking websites are considered as the most effective way of job-search.


Employment contributes towards the economy and plays a major role in improving the society. Today, there are various job opportunities for job-seekers, however, it is important for the job-seekers to effectively manage their job-search and choose an appropriate career that matches their skills and knowledge. The report provides a detailed analysis of the job market and facilitates job-seeking process for the fresher’s.


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