An Insight Into Indigenous And Non-indigenous Essay


Discuss about the Insight into Indigenous and Non-indigenous Australians.


Putting on the cap of a sociologist gives me immense pleasure to highlight the fact that ours is a diverse country. The word “diverse” includes every corner of the country counted within the maps. However, in this report, my focus is on the indigenous and non-indigenous Australians ( 2017). The action of focus might result in the transformation of their predicament.

Comparison between indigenous and non-indigenous groups of Australia broadens the gap between them. The major drive behind this is the average life expectancy ratio. The numerical projections, 69.1% for men and 73.7% for females, compel me to highlight the discrepancies. On the other hand, the numbers are quite high for the non-indigenous Australian groups. As a matter of specification, for men it is 79.7% and 83.1 for women ( 2017). The root causes for these discrepancies are:

  • Lack of education
  • Addiction towards alcohol, drugs
  • High mortality rates
  • Unemployment

The lack of access to schools, hospitals and foods aggravates the complexities of these groups. Application of theoretical conflict in this context enables me to enliven their existential crisis. A quantitative research in this context projects the reality behind their survival. Moreover, the research acts as a cornerstone in gaining an insight about the socio-cultural discriminations, within which these groups are entrapped. In this crisis, Prime Minister’s initiative towards diminishing this gap, takes my report into a different direction ( 2017). I take stance with the governmental viewpoint of setting agendas for ensuring the wellbeing of the groups. Inclusion of equal treatment and education can be considered as a future scope for the research on the identity of indigenous and non-indigenous groups of Australia.

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